Bringing Others Down

So the hot topic today is how our ministers’ salaries will be cut. I’m quite indifferent about it. After all, bringing down their salaries isn’t going to increase mine right? If people feel they’re earning too little, then they should focus on finding ways to increase their income, be it find a new job or take on a side line. Heck. If u’re good enough, go be a minister & u can earn that high salary too.

I read that a politician from an opposition party said that the new politician is not money motivated. Really? I think the old guards are not money motivated. Fighting for independence from British rule is driven by an idealism & belief that we should have the right to govern our own nation. Politicians these days? Would top brass from the private sector join politics if their remuneration was pegged to the bottom 20% of wage earners? Come on man. Get real please.

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