Looking for a New Handphone

My mom’s been badgering me for a new handphone ‘cos she wants to use Whatapp (she was using the SonyEricsson T707, or at least I think that’s the model number).  She lamented how her colleagues & friends would group chat to arrange lunch/ dinner appointments & how she always was the only one who had to be informed by SMS.


She also complained that her phone’s so old that she feels embarrassed to be seen with it on the MRT.  So I scouted around for a new phone & finally decided that the new Nokia Asha 303 would suit her. 

Got it from the Nokia Store at Century Square at SGD249 (without contract).  The S40 OS was easy to use – didn’t take much effort before I ran through with my mom how to use the phone.  I think she should be able to copy fine.

My mom also wanted to find out how to download games so I showed her how to navigate the Nokia Store.  I think it’s good that my mom isn’t a techno-phobe.  Heh. 

Now I’m thinking of getting a new phone for myself – but there’s no phone out there that inspires me!  First of all, I highly doubt any handphones in the market now has a better camera than my Nokia N8.  In fact, apart from my ancient Nokia N82, I don’t think there’s any other phones that has a Xenon flash installed.  Once you’ve used a Xenon flash on a handphone, you would never want to use a LED flash ‘cos the latter just whitewashes the picture.

I also want a phone that can multitask, which means the iOS is out.  I find Android hard to use (struggled with the interface on my dad’s Samsung) so that pretty much leaves me with buying either a Symbian or Windows device.

Nokia hasn’t really launched any Symbian phone that can trump the N8… so that narrowed down my consideration to the Nokia Lumia 800 which runs on Windows.  Sadly, although the Lumia 800 has a much faster processor, the camera pales in comparison with my N8’s… and Windows doesn’t allow users to customise the phone as much as Symbian (I can’t have multiple profiles, ringtones, message tones, homescreens, wallpapers, etc installed on Windows).

That brings me back to square one.  Sigh.  How how?  Nokia, will you launch a 2nd generation N8 please?

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December 2011