My boss is visiting a client in China so we’ve been thinking about what sort of gift they might like. A colleague said one of the clients asked for Tiger balm before. My boss has also bought bak kwa on another occasion. Following brain storming session, we came up with panda cake, pineapple tarts, kaya and some other food items.

A colleague then went to ask the country manager of the China office what are the usual souvenirs PRCs like to buy from Singapore? The country manager did some research online and the answer was:
– Merlion souvenirs
– Orchid design decorative items
– Medicated oil

There were some other stuff which i can’t remember now but the bottomline was, no food item was no the list!

My conclusion therefore was, all Singaporeans can think of is food!

“By Return”

It kind of bugs me when I see people write “please reply by return” in e-mails.  Do people actually think about whether what they write makes sense?  Or do they just write things which they think are official sounding?

I suspect many use this phrase because they may have seen similar language on business letters of old.  What they may not realise is that in the past, when companies still depended on either snail mail or fax for written communication, it makes sense to state “please return by post” to indicate that snail mail is required/ preferred over fax. 

When it comes to e-mail, however, a reply is what it is.  What else is there to “return”?  If you specifically wanted someone to give you an answer over e-mail (versus a phone call or fax or something), then saying “please let me know your answer via e-mail” or “please reply via e-mail” would make a whole lot more sense!

Facebook is really a Piece of Shit

It’s really damn frustrating how Facebook keeps changing their privacy settings.  In the past, I disabled the option of letting friends check me into places/ locations.  But the farked up FB now allows it automatically & I cannot remove this option.  What’s the point of allowing me to set a certain privacy setting only to have it removed at FB’s whim & fancy?  Pissed off.

Asking For It

A group of friends & i were talking about the now famous Ferrari & taxi accident when i said the Ferrari driver got off easy by dying. My friend, however, said no one wants accidents to happen so we shouldn’t be say he asked for it. But… If u drive knowing u’re so dead drunk (assuming the Ferrari driver was), aren’t u asking for it? To me it’s no different from manslaughter!

16 May 1979

While i’ve never been overly secretive about my age (ask & i’ll tell you), i’ve never publicised it either. Part of the reason is cos i didn’t want people to judge me cos of my age. If you think i look a certain age, then so be it (be it younger or older). But recently, when dealing with people from chauvinistic societies, i’ve come to realise that being older is good. Although older doesn’t automatically mean wiser, it’s undeniable that people respect you that little bit more when you’re older. So i’ve been proud to announce that i just hit 33. I even updated my Linkedin page to make sure people know that i’ve entered the workforce for 11 years. I’m now considering following my Japanese friend & putting the year i was born on my Facebook. That’s 1979 mind you! I’m 33 years old and bloody proud of it. I would even go as far as to say if you look as good as me when you hit 33, then we can engage in conversations about ageing. If you’re older than me & have maintained yourself well, then i hope i can follow in your footsteps.

So there you have it. Now, everyone please wish me a happy belated birthday cos my birthdate is 16 May 1979 & i’ll try not to look down on your figure or looks. Muahahahaha.

Mr Gentleman, Where Art Thou?

A friend remarked this morning that the men in Singapore are so ungracious (and ungentlemanly, if i may add). While i haven’t travelled enough to fairly comment if this is a global phenomenon, i have noted that men are generally not very gentlemanly in Singapore.

Disagree? Let’s see…

When entering a lift, how many men will extend their arm and let a lady enter first while ensuring the lift doors don’t close on her?

When walking on the street/ pavement, how many men will stand on the outside to protect the lady?

When crossing the road, how many men will stand on the side of oncoming traffic to shield the lady? Gosh. If the guy doesn’t dash across the road leaving the lady behind, i would hail that as half a miracle.

When raining, how many men will use an umbrella to shelter a lady?

I could cite probably a dozen more examples but i think my point is clear.

Even more shockingly, when drafting this post, some guy (albeit a very metrosexual looking one) just jumped in front of me as i was 1 step away from the queue at Coffee & Toast. Maybe we can start with basic courtesy, before moving on to chivalry.

I Hate Dishonest Merchants!

Really damn angry during dinner just now. Had yong tau fu at the NTUC operated, Foodfare food court at Simei. I wasn’t hungry so i took the minimum 6 pieces of yong tau fu. The PRC staff shortchanged me and had the audacity to insist i took 7 pieces.

My mental sums is very poor so i often get cheated when it comes to money but come on man. I can bloody count 6 pieces of food! So i insisted on recounting the stuff i took. Soon after, another PRC worker appeared and joined in the argument. The 2nd lady, without knowing head or tail, also insisted i took 7 pieces of food! Wtf man. And they acted damn well. 一唱一合。Wah lau eh. Really made my blood boil. I may be sick but I’m not stupid. I didn’t care there was another woman behind me. I stood there and recounted about 10x till the 2 bitches admitted defeat. Tsk. Don’t understand what do they get by cheating my money. Not as though they own the stall!

My mom said it’s quite common for yong tau fu stalls to miscount items. The strange thing is, when you order more food, they can count properly. Only when you order the minimum then the errors appear. Pui! I hate dishonest people.