Mr Gentleman, Where Art Thou?

A friend remarked this morning that the men in Singapore are so ungracious (and ungentlemanly, if i may add). While i haven’t travelled enough to fairly comment if this is a global phenomenon, i have noted that men are generally not very gentlemanly in Singapore.

Disagree? Let’s see…

When entering a lift, how many men will extend their arm and let a lady enter first while ensuring the lift doors don’t close on her?

When walking on the street/ pavement, how many men will stand on the outside to protect the lady?

When crossing the road, how many men will stand on the side of oncoming traffic to shield the lady? Gosh. If the guy doesn’t dash across the road leaving the lady behind, i would hail that as half a miracle.

When raining, how many men will use an umbrella to shelter a lady?

I could cite probably a dozen more examples but i think my point is clear.

Even more shockingly, when drafting this post, some guy (albeit a very metrosexual looking one) just jumped in front of me as i was 1 step away from the queue at Coffee & Toast. Maybe we can start with basic courtesy, before moving on to chivalry.

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