Nokia 808 Pureview (Updated – 21 Jun 2012)

Finally found a phone worthy of replacing my N8 and that is the… *tada*… Nokia 808 Pureview.  For the uninitiated, the 808 won the ‘Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet’ at Mobile World Congress 2012 as well as ‘BEST IMAGING INNOVATION’ in the TIPA AWARDS 2012.  If you want to read more about its fantastic camera capabilities and how an amazing 41MP is condensed to give you the best ever 5MP photo, please take a look here:

As you may know by now, I’m not impressed by pure specs – dual core, quad core, tons of RAM, etc, don’t impress me.  What good is reciting all these numbers if at the end of the day, my supposedly lower specs phone produces the same results as someone else’s dual core device?  That just means that my phone is more efficient because it took less to achieve the same results!

For critics of the Symbian OS, I think it’s a little sad because they are still stuck at Symbian S60v5 which was definitely not conducive for touch screen phones.  Since then, Symbian has pushed out S^3, Symbian Anna, Nokia Belle & Nokia Belle FP1 (which is what the 808 comes with).  It’s a pity that Nokia only made these advancements in the last 1.5 years.  If it brought these OSes to the market earlier, I’m quite confident that Nokia would not be in the pits it is today.  Sadly, Symbian users who have left the platform have decided not to give Symbian another chance despite:

Symbian is still the best multitasking OS around – don’t give me crap about how the iOS saves apps in a suspended mode in the background when you switch out of the app & how you can come back & the app is exactly the way you left it.  That’s bullshit ok?  That is NOT multitasking.  My Nokia continues to download & run apps in the background while I move on to do something in another app.  Gosh!  Even my mom’s “dumbphone” Asha 303 can save apps in the background when she moves on to another app & return to the app that was frozen in the background.

I heard from a friend who recently switched to the Samsung S3 running the ice cream sandwich (ICS) OS that the ICS doesn’t multitask either!  It randomly closes apps that have been pushed to the background.  Tsk.

Nokia Maps (aka Nokia Drive) is still to date the only FREE phone GPS software that gives you turn by turn navigation in a myriad of languages and has OFFLINE maps.  Now that’s really important if you don’t want to rack up a humongous data roaming phone bill when using the GPS nav software overseas.  Nokia Maps have close to 100 maps of different countries for you to download free.

iOS 6 is supposed to have turn by turn software too – powered by TomTom but I’m still waiting to see it will charge for the maps & if the GPS can work in offline mode.

And now… for some photos of my new phone!  Hehe.  The 808’s photos were taken with my N8.  Sorry if the screen of the handphones have a bit of reflection on them – my house is fitted with downlights so it’s hard to avoid the reflections in any convenient manner.


The above are the front & back shots of my 808.  I’ve ordered some phone covers for it from but they’ve yet to arrive.

The photo of Horlicks & Pinky is actually my screensaver.  It looks a little pixelated because the pic was “downsized” in pixels so it isn’t too bright as that would not be very battery friendly for a screensaver.  If you’re keen to get this on your phone too, do download the app Sleeping Screen from the Nokia ovi store.

The main differences I spotted between using the 808 (running on Belle FP1) and my N8 (running on Belle) was:

1) The Gallery has totally changed!!  The 808’s gallery app doesn’t contain any videos in it .  There’s another app that hosts all the videos detected on the phone.  The N8’s Gallery on the other hand, contained both photos & videos.  (Update: My mistake.  The Gallery does contain videos and there is also another Videos app on the 808.)

What I don’t like about the 808’s Gallery is that it doesn’t allow users to mark & delete multiple photos.  I think this is dumb as Symbian has always allowed users to download multiple photos!!

2) The camera’s UI has also changed dramatically to take into account the Pureview technology.

3) The Gmail setup in the 808 is improved.  In my N8, there was no option to set Gmail to “sync manually” (though Exchange mail had this option).  On the 808, this is now available – great!

4) The 808’s speakers are softer than the N8’s… but so far I’ve still been able to hear my phone when outdoors so I guess it’s not all bad.  Actually, it’s more accurate to say that the N8’s speakers were super duper loud.  Heh.  I also noted that when I set my ringtone to the loudest volume, it no longer gives the warning that it’s extremely loud.  Haha.

(Update) 5) There are a few new widgets available for Belle FP1 such as weather widgets (love this!) and a toggle for convenient turning 3G on/ off.

(Update) 6) This doesn’t relate the OS per se but the accessories that come with the phones.  The N8 came with earphones that had player controls on them as well as a HDMI cable.  The 808’s default earphones does not have player controls – so I’m using my N8’s earphones instead.  No mini-HDMI cable either.

Really loving my latest hp!!

The Only Real Free Gift

Got a bracelet as a “free gift” when i bought some SKII products recently. I think everyone knows that’s an oxymoron and contradiction. After all, it’s not really free cos i paid for some products before i got the bracelet thrown in. But during the Lord’s supper just now, it occurred to me that the only true free gift is when Christ died for us. We didn’t fork out a single cent. We don’t have to lift a finger. Every thing is given to us. We just need to believe and accept the gift.

Wild Goose Chase

Singtel’s service is really like shit.

1. I tried to recontract my mobile line + purchase the Nokia 808 pureview online. Was unable to do so because I’m on a Mio bundle plan.

2. So I went to the Hello! shop at Arcade. A lady I spoke to (forgot to get her name) told me there is no such model. I informed her that it is on Singtel’s website. She then went to check & advised that the stocks are only available at the PC show.

3. I thus went to the PC Show. Spoke to a man called Peter who told me that the Nokia 808 Pureview is only available at Hello! store. He asked me to go to Commcentre to buy the phone. I told him that the Arcade Hello! store asked me to come to the PC Show. So he checked again & apologised – said the phone is only available online.

4. That brings me back to point 1 – I can’t renew online because I’m on a Mio bundle plan!

In the end, I told Peter to forget it. I’m moving on to another provider. Peter asked why cos Singtel won some “Best Tech Award”. Seriously!?! Best tech!!?!? After the EPL finals fiasco? When half the island doesn’t have 3G? When my broadband download speed is 2Mbps instead of the 6Mbps I subscribed to? When loyal subscribers like me can’t renew contract despite telling Singtel about the problem 2 years ago?

Epic fail!

I’m moving to another service provider. Singtel sucks!

Social Networks

Some people use social networks like Apple devices – they sync everything, posting the same status updates, pictures, etc, on Twitter, Weibo, Facebook, blog, etc.  I on the other hand, use social networks the way I use my various electronic devices.  Twitter is for random thoughts & concerns that come to mind, Facebook is for things I want specific group of friends to know, Weibo is for following updates posted by the HK artistes I like & my blog is to capture random thoughts for eternity (at least for as long as digital eternity lasts).  Each platform serves its specific purpose.

Just saying.

Possessed Ipad

Just occurred to me that i got a “good deal” from Apple repair. What happened was that my ipad got possessed recently. Yup. Possessed. The ipad would open apps on its own, change my settings and even try to play Bejeweled with me. Highly irritating. So i brought it to Epicentre. Told them my ipad was possessed and showed them a video of the ghost wrecking havoc. Don’t think the guy fully bought it cos the official problem description said, “ipad operates on its own”. Now how’s that different from being possessed right?

There was a slight risk that Apple might reject repairing under the warranty cos there was a dent on the corner but the risk was eliminated and my possessed ipad got replaced with a refurbished unit. Anyway, here’s the good part. The original warranty for my ipad ends on 25 June 2012 but there’s a 90 days warranty period for the replacement set (starting from the date it got replaced) which means my new warranty ends on 31 Aug 2012! Yay!