Wild Goose Chase

Singtel’s service is really like shit.

1. I tried to recontract my mobile line + purchase the Nokia 808 pureview online. Was unable to do so because I’m on a Mio bundle plan.

2. So I went to the Hello! shop at Arcade. A lady I spoke to (forgot to get her name) told me there is no such model. I informed her that it is on Singtel’s website. She then went to check & advised that the stocks are only available at the PC show.

3. I thus went to the PC Show. Spoke to a man called Peter who told me that the Nokia 808 Pureview is only available at Hello! store. He asked me to go to Commcentre to buy the phone. I told him that the Arcade Hello! store asked me to come to the PC Show. So he checked again & apologised – said the phone is only available online.

4. That brings me back to point 1 – I can’t renew online because I’m on a Mio bundle plan!

In the end, I told Peter to forget it. I’m moving on to another provider. Peter asked why cos Singtel won some “Best Tech Award”. Seriously!?! Best tech!!?!? After the EPL finals fiasco? When half the island doesn’t have 3G? When my broadband download speed is 2Mbps instead of the 6Mbps I subscribed to? When loyal subscribers like me can’t renew contract despite telling Singtel about the problem 2 years ago?

Epic fail!

I’m moving to another service provider. Singtel sucks!

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June 2012