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Sayonara Yahoo!

My blog got hacked again.  Only discovered it last night when I tried to post the entry about my first day (which is Sun) in Bangkok and got the damn "parse error" again.  Logged into Yahoo webhost and true enough, my index.php and xmlprc.php file got edited on 4 Oct 2008.  Sky happened to be […]

WordPress 2.6.2

Been using WP 2.6.2 the past few days to great satisfaction.  The bug on the Admin Panel Comments section got resolved too.  My pretty permalink isn’t quite cosmetically perfect but that’s another issue all together.  Since the index.php workaround works, I’m not very bothered. Anyway, for those who weren’t aware, everytime you do an upgrade, […]

WordPress 2.6.2

Did a very quick WP upgrade to version 2.6.2… painless and so far so good.

Patience is a Virtue

Just a log so I remember what I’ve done… 5 Sep 08 – Blog got hacked by those damn spam injection bots again 6 Sep 08 – I realise the hack and also found out that the Secret Key for WP 2.5 & WP 2.6 is different.  (Mine wasn’t updated after the upgrade). 7 Sep […]

Blog Got Hacked Again

My blog got hacked again.  Sigh.. but I managed to fix it (took me 2 days.. finally got it straightened out today).  Anyway, I suspect it’s ‘cos the secret key for WP 2.5 is different from the one for 2.6 and I’m running WP 2.6 now. For more info, do read here.  I’ve also reported […]

Half Solved…

Good grief!  I have no idea why this is happening but I got my permalinks to HALF work. My permalinks (before the 2.6 nightmare) used to be in the format: Then WP 2.6 came and they got all broken and nothing could fix it. After the upgrade to 2.6.1, they still didn’t work.  HOWEVER, […]

Permalinks %*#&^

Damnit!  Just realised I’m going to have to set aside time to fix the damn permalinks bug because unless WP 2.6.1 comes out REALLY REALLY soon, all my previous blog entries, where I made url references to other blog entires, would now become a broken link!  Grr…

sore links

tried the work around solution for the permalinks bug in WordPress 2.6 but that unfortunately didn’t work for me.  the solution proper requires me to delve into the codes but i’m hesitant to open the floodgates of blogging hell.  the best bet for me, perhaps, is to just wait for WP 2.6.1 to be released […]

More WordPress bugs!

Need to say thanks to David for alerting me that the Pages in my blog had broken links – happened when I got rid of the permalinks.  Sigh.   I found another error too.  Went to my WordPress Dashboard and saw I had 4 comments that needed moderation.  However, when I clicked on the Comments […]

Blog Hell & Back

I just went to blog hell and back.  Was really happy when I found a plugin that allows an automatic update of WordPress.  However, after the upgrade, I found that all my Categories went missing! Thank God, I found the solution here.  I installed the phpMyAdmin programme and managed to add back the categories as […]

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