“Worse half of 20s”

Entered what Zounds termed as the “worse half of my 20s” yesterday. Didn’t really feel very different from when i was still a quarter centurion… if anything, i’m afraid my thinking is starting to regress back to how i looked at life when i was in JC! (Which ain’t all bad ‘cos it just means i’m more bo chup & carefree than ever.)

Had a really stressful day in the office – didn’t manage to get the off day that i wanted – but i survived. A few really really sweet colleagues did a mini quickie celebration for me in the pantry. That was really very nice of them ‘cos i’m still relatively new in the office and don’t know most of them that well. I think that’s why i don’t mind taking up this job despite the sucky pay and stressful deadlines – ‘cos of the great colleagues i have.

After work, i met Iceman for dinner.. had “zi char”, then did another cake cutting session (which i flopped again) at Haagen Daz, and ended the nite by having drinks at Blooie’s. Had a really great time.

Just want to thank ALL my great friends who remembered my birthday. I always feel very touched whenever i receive a birthday greeting… i mean… why the heck should anyone remember and bother to drop that sms or email right? But i thank God for good friends… and i especially appreciate an sms that came from a cousin all the way from Melbourne.

Hey Juzzie, if u see this, just wanted to let you know that i’m glad u came to visit us last Chinese New Year and all of us got to know u better. Really wished i could do more for you now… take care ok? Will be keeping you in my prayers.

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