1 Big Happy Family

Muah Chee’s water bottle cracked last night and we couldn’t stop the leak so my dad asked me to get her a new one. After work, Clown & i went to the pet shop and that’s when Clown spotted 2 cutest little tiny rabbits that he took a liking to immediately.

Without much consideration, Pepsi (female) & Coke (male) came to join Bazhang & Muah Chee. Clown hasn’t exactly decided if he’s going to leave them at my house or take them home. The main problem about leaving them at my place is that my dad bound to overfeed them… and Pepsi isn’t going to be the super mini dwarf that she’s supposed to be… and Coke will be a dwarf no more.

I mean, i’ve told my dad tons of times not to overfeed the rabbits but he insists on feeding them 3 meals a day. As he’s the one who’s home most of the time, i can’t jolly well stop him either. Would u believe me if i told u that Bazhang’s a dwarf rabbit too? Sigh….

Anyway, BZ didn’t take too kindly to the new rabbits at first. He kept throwing a tantrum & stomped the night away. Muah Chee was more positive. She was real curious & kept sniffing them. No bullying though (unlike BZ). I think BZ was real jealous ‘cos MC was paying them so much attention… and of ‘cos he tried to hump MC but failed (as usual). So… poor old guy just sulked & stomped.

The funniest part when we were setting up home for Pepsi & Coke just now was when Coke & Pepsi started sneaking out of their cage! We apparently bought a cage with grilles that were too wide & so the little rascals could just squeeze right out! Pepsi only did her houdini act once and after i caught hold of her & put her back in the cage, she didn’t make a 2nd attempt. Coke however, was the brazen one. He escaped over & over again, till Clown and my dad had to use wire mesh to fence up their entire cage. Haha… it was really funny.

Another thing i observed was that all the rabbits like to congregate in MC’s cage… as though she has the coolest bachelor’s pad or something. Haha. Everyone hip must hang out there… heh.

Here’re some photos of them… a little blurry ‘cos i haven’t used my digital camera for ages… so i sort of forgot what modes to use & so on. Will have better pictures next time!

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