Muah Chee cried

Brought Muah Chee to the vet today. He was a little nervous in the car at first but soon settled down (he’s always been an adaptable rabbit) and was okay till i brought him into the clinic. There was 1 golden retriever & 1 unknown breed ugly dog inside. The horrid retriever got very excited the second MC entered the clinic and wanted to approach MC’s carrier. I instinctively moved the carrier slightly further from the lousy dog and glared at it. The owner saw my expression and probably feared for the mortality of the stupid dog and held it closed to her.

After registering, i brought MC outside the clinic to wait ‘cos the horrible dog’s panting scared him out of his wits. MC just crouched inside his carrier & looked at us at a 45deg angle. I tried to calm MC down and told him that if any dogs tried to bully him, i’ll kill all the evil dogs but MC was still petrified.

There was nothing much i could do so i handed MC over to the vet’s assistant for them to prepare him for surgery. I’m really not sure what goes on during surgery ‘cos Singapore vets don’t seem to share much information with clients. (As a matter of fact, i’ve come to discover that breeders tend to know tons more about taking care of rabbits than vets… which kind of makes me lose confidence in them sometimes.)

I went to pick up MC from the vet again at 6:30pm. He was awake but still seemed rather scared. I saw that his left eye was a little damp but there was nothing i could do to ease his pain. After bringing Muah Chee home & he came out of his cage, i saw that the fur underneath his right eye was caked with dried tears. Oh dear! My heart went out to the poor boy and i felt really really bad for sterilizing him. Clown kept saying that i was cruel but it’s really really difficult to take care of baby rabbits and everytime a baby dies, my heart breaks. I simply can’t imagine what life would be if i had to take care of baby rabbits every month! (Yes, adult rabbits can breed on a monthly basis!)

I’m not sure if i should sterilize Coffee now or wait till he’s a little older ‘cos i’m not sure which will be more painful – now, when his genitals are not as developed, or when he’s a full grown buck like MC.

Anyway, please don’t make painful jokes about MC being a eunuch ok? He’s really in a lot of pain and i think he’s a brave boy to not throw any tantrum or whine in pain. MC hasn’t ate anything since coming home either. Imagine having to go through a major operation and not be given painkillers after you wake up from the GA. Poor poor boy. If you believe in God, i would greatly appreciate if you pray that God will heal him soon. My dearest dearest Muah Chee.


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February 2006