If you read the newspapers recently, you’ll realise that whatever information you were fed regarding constipation and the prevention of it is likely to be erroneous. 2 prominent local doctors have found that for many constipated people, the decrease of roughage & fibre in their diet actually eased their sufferings on the throne.

Also, if you thought constipation was a big deal for humans, it’s really a lot worse for bunnies. Did u know that constipation can be a sign of intestinal blockage, and that is FATAL?!?? My dearest Pinky has not been passing motion since yesterday so i’m really kind of worried now. Am thinking of taking off tomorrow morning to bring Pinky to the vet though i haven’t booked an appointment yet. Would have liked to spend the day with Pinky but have too many things in office to settle. 🙁

Pinky’s daily growth has been amazing. Yesterday, she started standing very firmly & steadily on her hind legs and it seems to give her so much pleasure to do that. This afternoon, she dirtied the usual DHL jumbo box we place her in. So my dad transferred her to a slightly smaller box while he changed the DHL box.

Halfway through changing the box, my dad got an overseas call so he went out of Pinky’s bedroom to answer the phone. Next thing he knew, Pinky came out of the bedroom and stood on her hind legs looking at him. My dad had to cut the call short to put her back into the box! Haha… brillant isn’t she?

And ‘cos she’s been darting around SO fast that it’s almost impossible for me to catch her sometimes, i’ve been placing her on a leash since yesterday. Heh. I bought this leash sometime back but never got to use it ‘cos it’s too small for the other rabbits.. It’s just the right size for Pinky (it’s meant for guinea pigs & “small animals”). The leash has leather loops that Pinky’s front legs go into, and a string that goes round her back. I feel safer to put Pinky on a leash when i let her run about ‘cos at least this way, i don’t have to worry about losing her under the bed.

Took some photos of Pinky with the leash just now. 🙂 Have a look!

Pinky on a leash.

Did a turn too fast and the poor bunny skidded…

Ah… nothing keeps it down.

This is my FAVOURITE Pinky photo of all time! That black thing is the leash she’s wearing. Darn cute right??

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