If only i had the energy…

Caught a cold yesterday morning and though it was supposed to be my off day, i was at the showflat most of the day ‘cos i got an offer & had to help in preparing & delivering the Option documents to the buyer. This morning, the cold escalated to a cold + fever + sore throat. Was too tired to drag myself to the doc in the morning so i decided to go in the afternoon. After spending most of the day sleeping, i dragged myself up & arrived at the clinic at 4:25pm. Other than a patient collecting his medicine at the counter, there were no other patients at the clinic. That was when i saw the sign that said “Registration Closed”.

I asked the nurse if i could see the doctor. After all, the closing time on the door stated 5pm, and that was like more than half an hour away. Besides, it wasn’t even a busy day such that they had to close registration early so that they could close the clinic by 5pm. But the horrible horrible nurse (i really hate the 2 old nurses at this clinic. Stupid, unfriendly, unsympathetic, downright rude aunties) said that registration had closed. I pointed to the sign that said that they close at 5pm but the nurse insisted that the doctor had left the clinic already.

Oh come on… u gotta be kidding me. Did the doctor dash out of the clinic after serving the last patient, who was only just collecting his medicine at the counter, so that the clinic could close punctually at 5pm? Ridiculous right? This reminded me of another time i went to the clinic at 8:15pm at night (closing time at night is 9pm) and the bloody old nurse also said that registration was closed though there was 45min to go! I mean WTF right? Do these people not realise that they’re causing hell of an inconvenience to people who are SICK? If i wasn’t feeling as bad as i was, i wouldn’t be at the doc’s! And i bet they get away with it ALL THE TIME ‘cos by the time a sick person drags himself to the doc, that person’s probably like half dead & left with no energy to reason with the blinking nurses.

I was and still am feeling damn aggrieved but if u’ve been nursing a bad cold, fever & sore throat the whole day, and had to drive yourself to the clinic, you really wouldn’t have any ounce of energy left to tell the nurse that she’s being one big unsympathetic & unkind asshole tho’ you would probably be cursing at her in your heart. At least i was. Stupid bitch.

So here i am, at 6:50pm at my computer, still riled, frustrated & absolutely pissed by what happened. Seriously, what’s the point of putting up a sign that says u’re closed at 5pm when you turn away patients like 30-45mins early?!? Might as well just say u close at 4pm right? Bloody hell! And if u’re wondering why i can’t go to the clinic earlier, let me assure u it’s useless too. ‘Cos even though this clinic opens at like 8am in the morning, the doc doesn’t turn up till 9am. So it’s like if i go at 7pm later (when they re-open for the night), the doc won’t come till 8pm. It’s like they expect SICK patients, instead of resting in bed, to all hang around for 1 hour waiting for the doc to come. Do these people know what it feels to be sick?!?! &$*!^%#

I’m of a good mind to boycott the clinic all together. Except that there are only 2 clinics in Simei that are on my company’s panel of docs… and the doc in the other clinic, though polite, is a really really blur doctor. The 1 (and last time) i saw him, i had to keep repeating to him what problems i had till i figured that if he got any more stupid, or if i were any more sick, i would be dead. That leaves me with only this clinic with a doc whom i’ve found to be caring enough so far, but with nurses from hell.

Oh yeah, and in case u’re wondering, the name of the clinic is Simei Clinic & Surgery (Blk 248 Simei St 3, #01-132) and the doc is Dr. Peter Ng Teck Hwee. Yes, i’m posting it here for the world to see. Sue me if you dare. This just saves me the effort of writing to Straits Times.

I hope i get to see Dr. Peter Ng later and not some relief doctor (i once had a relief doc who insisted i had dengue fever just ‘cos i had a cold & rashes on my ankles. That was another ridiculous incident too ‘cos i told him that the rash had been there for 2 weeks and it’s just a skin allergy, and how to have dengue fever when i got no fever?!? aiyoh!!!! These people will be the death of me!). Anyway, if i do get the see the doc in charge, i’m definitely going to question this practice of closing registration 30-45min before closing time. If the doc confirms that this is his instruction, i’m definitely going to boycott this clinic too!


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