See u again in 6 months

I made it to salsa after all. Hehe. Arrived at Union Square at 12am and the first greeting i got was,

“Wah! What wind blows u here?”

As long as it isn’t broken wind, does it matter? Hehe… okok. I love u peeps too. I’m glad u remember my name & welcomed me. It was nice to see a lot of familiar faces again… the last 2 times i went for salsa, i didn’t recognize 99% of the people that were there. Far cry from the days when i could turn up w/o arranging to meet anyone & be confident that “the usual gang” would be there.

But it was back to the good ol’ days just now. The same usual “door hoggers” were around and it was good to see them. Hehe… a friend also complained that everytime i sms to ask if anyone was going to be around, or if there was anything special going on, i don’t turn up. Then today, uninvited, i spring myself upon everyone. Oh come on… i don’t hog that much space!

So i danced a little, sat around a bit more, and of ‘cos had lots of thoughts going through my head. I was reminded that a person’s dancing provides a peek into that person’s true self. I like sitting around watching people dance ‘cos u see those with the CFM faces (99% successfully unsexy), and those with the “i’m so kewl” attitude. That always gives me so much pleasure as i self-righteously snigger behind their backs. (Ok, depending on their direction of dance, it could be behind, in front, at the side… of them.)

What does my dancing say about me? Hehe… a good friend who saw me progress from a clumsy beginner to the dancer i am now, Zee, commented that my dancing is the same as 8 months ago, when we last danced. Yippee… u mean i didn’t deprove over the past 8 mths? Yay! But oh no… Zee was quick to add, “Your bad habits also the same”.

Thanks, friend. I asked Zee what bad habits he was referring to and he pointed one out… something about the way i position my wrist in a particular instance… er, actually i don’t know what he means. Haha. But he said i got it right the 2nd time round… ok… whatever u say boss!

I guess that’s the thing about bad habits – whether in real life or on the dance floor. As resilient as cockroaches, they haunt u forever. I remember a certain ex-bf telling me about how he wanted to improve his dance, blah blah blah (he had an issue about me being the better dancer). Sadly, the whole 1.5yrs we were together, plus the 1 over year we weren’t together, his dancing still sucked the last time i saw it. Same comment – all the same bad habits were still there.

Frankly, i don’t really dare call myself a salsera ‘cos i don’t have the necessary sexiness in my dancing. I am unable to “groove with the beat”, nor bend my body in sexy positions. What i can do, and do best, is dancing in clean lines and executing neat & tight spins – probably ingrained in me since my ballet days. I’ve long given up trying to exude any salsa-ristic charm and i’ve decided that i should just focus on my er, core competencies.

After all that’s been said, what’s the real reason i haven’t been to salsa? I alternated my answers between, “busy with work lah” and “my bf doesn’t dance mah” just now. Don’t get me wrong… my bf doesn’t stop me from going to salsa. (He where got so bad one?) The truth is a combination of both reasons – ‘cos my bf and i are often busy with work, i usually really really want to meet and spend more time with him on Fridays (since showflat only starts at 11am on Saturdays) and since he doesn’t salsa, so i don’t go salsa either. See? 1+1=2. So simple.

Whatever the case, it was fantastic salsa-ing again. So till i go again, i need to nurse my poor left little toe… which got trampled by don’t know which @*%&#! mammoth just now. *Ouch*. Hope the nail doesn’t drop off…


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