Snitching on Imbecilic Cretins

I’ve had to deal with a couple of blooming idiots lately and they really make my blood boil. I hate it when people make me repeat myself. Once, twice i still can tahan… but if it stretches to a whole blinking 15mins at 8plus in the morning when i’m trying to brush my teeth & get changed so i can go for a 9am appointment, it really really pisses me off.

Why can’t people just accept “no” for an answer?? Seriously, sometimes i want to shoot back, “which part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?” My conclusion is, as a wise sage once told me, “you can’t out-talk stupidity”.

Then there’re those raving cretins who make you feel guilty when u’re not sure if there’s anything to feel guilty about… and just when you feel that they’re innocent, they go screw something up. A long time ago, i talked about The Orc. Now The Orc has been keeping a relatively low profile the past few months since Sauron skipped town.

About a week ago, The Orc was given a peremptory decree to shape up, or ship out. Ever since then, The Orc has been friendly and i was just about to compliment him on pulling up his socks. Sadly, before the compliment could depart from my lips, The Orc had to shoot his mouth off and claim credit where it wasn’t due. Sheesh. I was dumbfounded.

I told a friend about the stunt that The Orc tried to pull off… but i felt a little bad about it. Maybe he didn’t mean it? Or perhaps he was misunderstood? Well, The Orc was confronted but he denied everything. (Cue X-Files music here). Sigh… i really don’t know. It’s like how do you draw the line between clarifying the truth & snitching on someone?

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March 2006