Pinky, rabbit extraordinaire

Took quite a few photos of Pinky the past week (yes, with my new beloved Nokia 6280) and here they are:

Pinky’s a big baby. Drinking milk early in the morning. Actually, Horlicks was the one who insisted that he had his milk lah. I have a video of her shoving Pinky under her… hehe. She’s a very protective mother.

Pinky decides to do a bit of exploring after his breakfast.

And forgets that he’s quite big now… (notice that the position of the small house shifted? Pinky went inside, and when he moved about, the house moved with him…)

Horlicks was actually in deep slumber when Pinky shoved his head under her chin (Horlicks ignored him at first) demanding to be licked. But Horlicks eventually gave in and gave Pinky the attention he wanted.

Satisfied, our manja king chills out…

Photo taken at night… Pinky hopping from the top of his cage onto my lap. (I placed the towel there so that he’ll bite the towel instead of my skirt!)

Found a stray strand of hay on the floor… greedy boy.

“Where’s my mama?”. Pinky looking at Horlicks who’s locked in her cage.

Photo of Muah Chee (Pinky’s daddy) when MC just joined us. He was a baby himself then. I think Pinky inherited his long ears from his dad.

Horlicks & Muah Chee when they were younger…

U gotta look really carefully. This is Pinky in the making! (MC is on top of Horlicks “ahem-ing”.)

As Pinky grows bigger, his fur colour is changing to look more and more like Horlicks. Even the spots on their back are similar. Sometimes when Pinky’s face is hidden from view, i need to take a few looks before i can tell if it’s Pinky or Horlicks. Haha. I love it when Pinky stands against the door of his cage, begging to be let out. His tummy is soooo cute. Been trying to take a photo of that but Pinky moves about so fast it’s difficult to get a clear shot!

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