Grown ups are boring!

My computer died last night. Ok, not my computer but my IBM harddisk. Cirrus came over and managed to set up Windows on my Maxtor hdd. Unfortunately, when the IBM hdd went down, it also took down my entire collection of mp3s with it.Sob sob… the last time i backed up my mp3s were in 2003? So all the new stuff accmulated / ripped in the last 3 years have all died with the bloody IBM hdd. Pinky passed me this letter to publish for him a couple of days ago but was too busy (especially after the hdd crash last night), hence the delay.
*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^dear ardent fans of Prince Pinky,

i think grown-ups are so boring. last Saturday, my chauffeur ferried me across the enclosure to meet my daddy. this is the first time i’m seeing my daddy and he isn’t behind bars. we started the meeting by sniffing at each other. daddy doesn’t smell as good as mommy… no appetizing milk scent (although i’ve stopped drinking milk ‘cos i’m a big boy now.)

my daddy is really huge. but i think he is a big softie. after we sniffed each other for a while, my chauffeur told my daddy, “Muah Chee sit down. Pinky pat pat Muah Chee!”. my daddy immediately put his head down with his chin on the ground. aiyoh, so obedient. no spunk at all! i thought that was just too boring for a Sat outing with my daddy. so i…. ran around my daddy and tried to mount him! hahahahaha!

“HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY!” i mouthed to my daddy. but ooh… he wasn’t too pleased when i tried to climb on his back. my daddy immediately sprang up and wanted to spank my backside. we ended up running about in circles… hehe… i wanted my piggyback ride, and daddy wanted to beat my backside.

after seeing this, my chauffeur was afraid that my daddy would get really angry and i don’t know… maybe get high blood pressure or something… so my chauffeur separated us, scooped me up and ferried me back to my personal back garden.

i told my mommy what i did and she said i was very naughty. my nanny also gave me a earful when she found out about it. she said something about being “spoilt”. me? spoilt? oh come on! where’s everyone’s sense of humour? indignant about her incessant nagging, i bochup-ed her and cleaned my fur. mommy said she gave up, shook her head, and went to lie down at her favourite spot at the garden hose jacuzzi.

oh well, i’m growing really big now… probably going to have more photoshoots coming up. will show you fans more pictures next time ya? will get my nanny to post them for me. ciao for now! and… Happy April Fool’s day!

handsomely yours,
Prince Pinky

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