Musical Fine Print

Just had a slight debate with my dad. He was watching the news and said that the police / govt are being unfair to a certain Wayang Party politician by detaining him. I say, just too bad. I mean, if you want to play punk in politics, then you just have to face the music.

My dad said that it was a simple case of “he forgot”. But i say that’s bullshit. If you read the “fine print” in the newspapers (i.e. if you read the whole story instead of just the headlines) , you’ll realise that Mr. Wayang wasn’t as innocent as he claimed. Oh no… it wasn’t a simple case of “i forgot in a moment of distraction”.

As Mr. Wayang’s party chairman said herself, the party never intended to field him in AMK. Hence, if he wasn’t going to be in AMK, there was no need for him to get a minority cert. Since there was no need for a minority cert, why the whole drama of him claming that he had submitted the form, wagging his finger at the election dept people and warning them about “consequences” for losing his cert??

So how to pity him now? Want to play dirty then don’t be so stupid right? Bo wey gong! (Nothing to say.) Sigh! *Shakes head*

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