Strapless Bras

I consider myself quite an authority on bras… strapless bras to be specific ‘cos i’ve been on a hunt for good ones for years. The biggest curse of being busty is not being able to find a strapless bra that’ll hold!

Recently, i was introduced to this backless strapless bra by my colleague. It holds itself to your body by an adhesive backing that is reusable up to a couple of hundred washes. Fantastic invention i say! Perfect for evening dresses that show off the back, and since it sticks to the body, it won’t drop off! Or so i thought…

The 1st pair i bought was this cheapo one from Watsons… costs only about $20… wah liew. Material made of fabric. Sucks man. Totally doesn’t stick. Pui! So i decided to go for the authentic stuff. Bought a pair from Nubra. Made of sillicone, this was really soft & nice to touch. Got it from Robinsons… at about $120 for 2 pairs. Fantastic hold – i could even use it for salsa! The only problem was? The darn sillicone was so thick that i didn’t dare wear it with my tube tops ‘cos i didn’t want to be SG’s Amy Yip. Before long, both pairs got tucked away in my wardrobe. (But if u enjoy a bit of extra boost, this is the most comfortable pair.)

A couple of months back, there was this pushcart stall near my office selling this adhesive bras again. I can’t remember the brand now… mannequin? Something like that. They have a main store at Adelphi Shopping Centre. The bras are made of fabric and bleah!! They’re lousy too. I wore them once and after i washed them, the bras weren’t really sticky anymore. Not good. Pui pui! Wasted my $49! 🙁 I was still stuck with a problem of looking for a good strapless bra.

Today, there was yet another pushcart stall near my office. I checked out the sample set carefully and wow… the bras were really sticky. The best part? The bras are made of sillicone but they’re really really thin!! I bought a pair – they’re the most expensive to date – $128. Tried them on after work when i was shopping around Orchard area and they are GOOT! Check out their website at The only drawback is that there are some sections of the bra that are without adhesive… so i felt a little insecure initially. But after traipsing all over town, i’m convinced they’re good. In fact, i’m going to buy a 2nd set tomorrow!

And so ends my search for a good strapless bra. Haha. I highly recommend the voyeurbra!! Heh. 😀

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