all i want for Christmas…

hay in mouth.jpg dear friends & fans of Pinky,

if u ever meet the tooth fairy, pummel her for me.  beat her up, pull her hair, use your six-carat diamond to scratch her face!  that horrible con-fairy! b*tch!

i first met the tooth fairy 2 weeks back. when i went for my snip snip op. after i woke up at the vet’s clinic, i found myself locked up in this big metal cage. i wanted to escape & go home but the bars of the cage were really strong. so i did what i usually do at home – i bit the grilles really hard, trying to tell those stupid nurses to let me out. i mean, whenever i bite my cage at home, my servants would come running to let me out. i’m the boss u know! but the stupid nurses at the clinic ignored me. they paid more attention to all the smelly dogs & cats in the clinic. no one bothered about me. 🙁

that’s when the tooth fairy appeared. she told me to bite harder. she said if i bit hard enough, someone would surely let me out. desperate, i listened to her advice & bit as hard as i could. unfortunately, i soon felt my front tooth loosening!! i was so scared. i asked the tooth fairy what i should do and she told me to continue biting.

and so i did. in the end, after i finally came home, my tooth was hurting so much that i could barely eat. a few days ago, although the pain was gone, my tooth was gone too… it broke in half! 🙁 i no longer have handsome teeth! i’m really upset about it but the worst was yet to come. this morning when i woke up, i realised that my entire tooth dropped out! BWAAAHHH!!! i saw the evil tooth fairy carrying my tooth. she waved to me as she flew away with my tooth! that horrible horrible evil creature!

i’ve heard that when a tooth fairy takes your tooth, she leaves a coin in exchange for it. but this cheat didn’t leave me anything! in fact, she even snitched some of my yummy grains when she flew off. %&#^@

i feel so cheated. so upset. now i have ugly teeth, and problems chewing my carrot strips, and everyone’s calling me “bo-kay”. but i’m not eating beansprouts i tell u!

i overheard my maid scheduling another appointment with the vet for me on Friday. why do i have to keep going to the vet? i don’t like the vet. i don’t like people who are allergic to me. my maid said that the vet i’m seeing on Friday is the most experienced one in the clinic. the specialist of specialists. not the allergic one. but i’m not comforted. i want my tooth back. my other bottom front tooth is also crooked now. i’m very upset. sob. do u think i could get my teeth back in time for Christmas?

extremely upset,


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June 2006