Laughing Lizard & Rookie Roach

One evening last week, i got home from work feeling really exhausted & collapsed on my bed for a nap. After about 45min, i was rudely awakened by this super loud cackling sound – it was the sound that lizards make! It was really REALLY loud… loud enough to jolt me, a sleeper who usually needs at least 2 alarm clocks to wake me up, right out of dreamland. The cackling sound was coming from around my pc area & drowsily, i opened my eyes to try to spot the culprit. But the lizard remained well-hidden from view.

Two days later, i was once again awakened (this time in the morning) by the sound of a lizard cackling!! This time, it was coming from somewhere around my bedside table! I woke up & looked around… but still i couldn’t see the darn lizard!

It wasn’t till another couple of days when i finally saw the lizard! I saw it in my toilet actually and guess what?? It was the tiny lizard i spotted on the staircase last week! It was soooo small when i saw it on the staircase – about 2cm from head to tail?? This 2nd time that i saw the lizard, it had grown a little… to about 2.5cm… but it was still really tiny… and was quite cute actually! Cute enough for me to leave it alone & not hatch plans to kill it. (I must add that for a teeny weeny lizard, it sure has a loud voice lor!)

I thought to myself, “Aiyah, never mind lah. Maybe it’ll help get rid of small pests like ants / bugs & stuff in my room. And if it grows up & becomes ugly, maybe it’ll still be useful for eating cockroaches.” So i left it alone.

BUT!! I concluded today that this is one lazy lizard! Last night, i left a half-finished bottle of Yakult on my bedside table and when i woke up this morning, i found ants crawling around the bottle. So yucky.

And while i was taking a shower just now? I saw a teenage roach crawling on the floor! It tried to stay out of sight by crawling near the edge of the wall but too bad… i paid good money for my Lasik op… and i spotted the wretched being! I immediately jumped out of the shower, grabbed the insecticide near my sink, and sprayed the roach. Stupid rookie. It pengsan on its back and i used toilet paper to pick it up, and flushed it down the toilet bowl.

Sigh… i really must give that baby lizard a lecture when i see it again. Want to stay in my room must do work lah! How can it just get free lodging and not get rid of all these pests? Then i might as well drown the lizard as well right?? Tsk tsk!

Down with freeloaders!

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June 2006