Disgruntled Customer

If you’ve been reading the local papers recently, i’m sure u’ve seen this full page, full colour ad campaign encouraging all Singaporeans to smile because we’re expecting lots of foreign visitors & dignatories coming for some IMF thingy. Great. So we smile only at foreigners but not locals?

Well, fine. Whatever. That’s not my grouse today. Being the guest of 3 upcoming weddings (on the 24/6, 25/6 & 8/7), i wanted a manicure that would last and look pretty for all 3 weddings. For the uninclined, no nail polish lasts that long. So i figured that the best solution was to do a French manicure – using the latest ‘gel’ polish for the white tips, and normal nail varnish for the rest of the nail bed.

(Gel-type varnish lasts 3 weeks or more and u can clean off the normal varnish w/o the gel coming out. Which means i can always clean off the normal varnish part & repaint that… and the white tips would still remain intact. Ok, it’s complicated. Contact me if u want more details.)

Knowing that this would be a normal than longer manicure, i purposely arranged to have my pedicure (feet) and manicure done on separate days. I did my pedi on Tue (20/6) because pedis usually last a good 2-3 weeks. And my manicure was done tonight.

I arrived punctually at the nails salon (it’s called Nail Bliss, located at OCBC Centre @ Raffles Place) at 6pm and informed the gal who was supposed to do my nails of my request. She said it was a little rushed to do a gel-type french manicure because they would need to let the normal varnish part dry completely before applying the gel. As the gal consulted a few others in the salon, i gathered from their conversation (mainly in Malay + some English) that the reason why they didn’t want to do my nails the way i wanted was because they were overbooked this evening.

Now, is that my problem? I made an appointment and they knew my special request beforehand because i was at the salon a few days ago and i enquired about the price (it’s an extra $20), AND made the appointment on the spot! So if they allowed themselves to be overbooked, then they can go ahead and do OT. Think money so easy to earn is it?

The gal gave all sorts of excuses but i reasoned out plainly to her – i can’t come again next week because i have TWO weddings to attend this weekend and the purpose of doing my nails is to have them look pretty at the wedding. Also, if it takes too long for the normal varnish to dry before applying the gel on top, they can always just do the white tips on my nails, then apply the pinkish nail varnish on top!! I did that before at another salon so i KNOW it can be done.

Out-talked, the gal acceded to my request but got another gal (i’m assuming the 2nd person is more experienced since they had to purposely switch her to do my nails) to do the mani for me.

As she did my nails, i could see her frustration & exasperation. All i can say is, more haste, less speed. The more she tried to rush, the more mistakes & corrections she had to do. In fact, i think i compromised a lot already. She DIDN’T give my hands the usual moisturiser + massage treatment and i didn’t say anything. Heck! She didn’t even apply a BASE COAT for my nails and i tolerated it.

But the end result?? The white tips look damn bloody untidy!! Her score is 3.5 /10! Yes, only 3.5 nails look ok! That’s terrible isn’t it?? After everything was done, i knew they didn’t have time to touch up the ugly looking tips but i was really REALLY unhappy. So i asked the receptionist if they could do a touch-up, which, thankfully, the gal who did my nails said ok. (I asked in a rather quiet voice… but might have exploded if they gave me more crap.)

So i’ve arranged for a touch-up session this coming Mon. If they don’t touch up satisfactorily, u can rest assured that i will spam everyone i know working in Raffles Place about this… and in turn, i’ll get my friends to spam everyone else they know. Yep. UptownGal’s my name, smear campaign’s my game. Mai play play.

Will update on how the touch up session goes on Mon… if i don’t die of heart attack from seeing the ugly tips before then…


Wanted to take photos to illustrate what i mean but my room’s a little dark now and the photos from my hp turned out a little blurry ‘cos i have to take my fingers really close. Fine… i shall try to describe what’s wrong with my nails.

Right hand: Thumb & little finger – white tip lopsided & way too thick!! 2nd & 3rd finger has miniature air bubbles trapped in the nail varnish. >:(
Left hand: Thumb, 2nd, 3rd & last finger – white tip lopsided! 4th finger ok but white tip way too thin!

*Frowns*. How can anyone allow such shoddy workmanship!! If it’s going to be this untidy, i might as well do my french mani myself!! Why the heck did i pay like $50 for it right?? #%)&@

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