Things that set me off

I was thinking, perhaps at the end of the year, i should have a Top 10 Peeves of 2006 or something like that. Just as a comparison to see what peeves really set me off on a rant.

Well, the latest thing that got me riled up was a management staff (someone in the equivalent of my role) in the Order of Evil Fruit Trees.

What happened was that yesterday, 1 of the Evil Fruit Tree agents came early & she put herself first on the queue, and then helped her colleague “chope” (reserve) the 2nd position by putting his brochure after hers.

Now this isn’t allowed in showflats. U are only allowed to be on queue when u arrive & u must personally put the brochure with your namecard on it on the reception table. U cannot get someone else to slot in the queue for u because u were late or absent for whatsoever reason.

I brought this up in an email to the agent-in-charge, and the email was cc. to the management staff of the Order of Evil Fruit Trees. That’s when the imbecelic cretin management staff replied and said:

“Why are we always having all this problems? [remark: “this problems” – please ignore the bad grammar here… and throughout the rest of his reply.. haha] If only you were to agree on my initial proposal, all this will not be happening Why don’t you consider again? After the first person comes, it will be rotating system all the way regardless any other scenerio. Nobody is going to bother about who come first or late, just go according to alternate system. This system has been used in all our joint marketing project & it is the perfect solution to all the unnecessary conflicts. we will not have to consider all those unforeseen circumstances because it is not going to end. Thks”

Now that really annoyed me to no end. Get with the programme moron!! I’m complaining about your agents’ lack of integrity, not about the queueing system!! To think i even thought of “giving them chance” by not sending off the complaint to the developer directly.

So my less than friendly reply went:

“This is an issue of integrity, not about which queueing system we are using.

Please note that the Peaceable Bunnies & their Friends in the Universe never had any problems with the queue system that we have since the TOP launch in March last year!

A purely alternate basis of queueing is not workable in this case because our walk-in rate can be very slow on some days. If agents come in late and start slotting in between those already in the queue, it would be extremely unfair to those who were punctual. Can you guarantee all agents would be punctual?

Regardless of whatever queue system we have in place, there will always be a loophole and it all boils down to the agent’s honesty & integrity in not abusing the system.

The bottomline is this – agents may try to abuse the system now and then and it is up to the I/Cs to keep them in check. If you disagree, we can discuss this at the next meeting with the developer.”

The imbecelic cretin didn’t reply to that. But the agent I/C sent another reply, a much more satisfactory one saying that he’s sorry for what happened and that he will “probe into it” and “will not condone it” if it were true. Now that’s someone replying with his brains. I bet he hates me all the same. He probably thinks i’m a total bitch for picking fights with them when my agents are already leading 7-0. But at least he had the brains to know when to open his mouth and when to retreat. Sigh. That’s the difference between a veteran & an rookie. (BTW, both share the same name… haha).

So that’s my peeve of the day. Let’s see what else comes along…

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