I can’t get a hotel!!

#@^$! I still can’t get a confirmation for accomodation in Bangkok! bangkok.com reverted saying that Pathuwan Princess’ superior rooms were all fully booked and offered me a deluxe room instead. The strange thing was, in their counteroffer to me via email, the deluxe room rate was more expensive than the deluxe room rate on their website!!

At first i thought never mind, let’s give them another chance. So i rejected the counteroffer on PP’s deluxe room and tried to book Novotel Siam Square through their website again. Guess what? I just got an email from bangkok.com saying that Novotel Siam Sq is fully booked for the period that i requested!! This time, they counteroffered me Arnoma Bangkok Hotel (and the deluxe room rate again!)… and once again, the rate in their counter-offer is higher than on the website!

Is this some scam?? Damn it. I’m really annoyed with them now so i decided to go with asiarooms.com. Made a booking for Arnoma Hotel (after further discussions with various parties who seem to be experts in BKK, i thought Arnoma might be a better choice). Now i’m waiting for asiarooms.com to revert. Sigh.. might not get a reply till Mon ‘cos i made the online booking at about 5pm… which would be 6pm in Bangkok… and the offices would probably be all closed. sigh.

Let’s hope i won’t be homeless in Bangkok…

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