It’s a Hot Day!

It’s a hot day today… wanted to go shopping but the weather’s making me just too nua.  Went to visit my bunnies… haven’t been spending much time with them since i started work ‘cos there’s always some sort of event/function at least twice a week after work… so i’m usually too tired by the time i come home at night to play with them.  My darling bunnies… i miss them!

Went round taking lots of photos of the bunnies… the Canon Ixus 60 is really good.  Batt life is definitely better than my Nikon 3700.  I’ve taken like 100+ shots with it and the batt’s still running fine… the 100+ shots were taken over a span of 2 weeks plus?

Took this photo of Pinky (click on it & check out his cute little tongue!)… hehe… i think he’s absolutely the cutest bunny on earth.  If he wasn’t such a pampered prince at home,  he’ll probably be out modelling.  Hehe.  I think he’ll make a fantastic model… after all, he knows how to pose for the camera… jump on chairs to make the shots more interesting, etc.  This photo says it all… “it’s hot today!”

Talking about hot stuff… the hot topic in office the past few days of ‘cos, was about the stupid gal who got fired during her first week.  A colleague from the same dept as her told me that her true colours started showing on her 2nd day of work.  Apparently, they were all making small talk in the morning and they asked her to join them.  Her curt reply was, “I don’t engage in personal conversation”.  Whoa… touche!

Hehe… anyway, knowing there’s a vacancy, i thought of a good friend of mine from sec sch days… make that sec sch + JC + ex-colleague from my 1st company.  Haha.  Somehow, i felt that her personality and skills would suit the post… so i asked her whether she was interested in the position.  Anyway, she sent in her resume, went for the interview, and 1 day later, she got the job.  Haha.  She’s supposed to give the official “yes” to the interviewer today… after a slight negotiation on salary.  I’m really looking forward to her joining me at work.  It’s always nice to have friends around.  🙂

It’s 2:18pm… what should i do now?  Sleep some more?  Watch some episodes of My Lovely Samsoon that i missed?  Or drag myself to go shopping?  Ooh… i forgot to mention… i had a 2nd farewell dinner thrown for me last night… and Uncle Bunny even bought me vouchers from Tangs & Robinsons, out of his own pocket.  I’m really touched by his effort in organising the whole dinner thing & his gift.  Sigh… really nice group of agents.  I’ll miss them.

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