Blown Away!

I am totally totally blown away now.  Was surfing the Net when i decided to pop into this really old site that a schoolmate set up eons ago.  Went to see the forum page and realised that a few people started posting stuff there recently.  Decided to go check out page 1 of the forum and guess what?  I FOUND A POST I WROTE 9 FREAKING YEARS AGO!!! ON THE NIGHT BEFORE MY A LEVEL COMPUTING EXAM!!  WAH PIANG! 

Fwah! I really CANNOT describe the feeling man.  It’s like… can u imagine reading something u posted nochalantly almost a DECADE ago??  I’m overwhelmed.  All the feelings / thoughts i had when i wrote that post just came back.  It’s DAMN FREAKING COOL! Ok.  I think i’m going to hyper-ventilate.

The owner of the site said that this is the reason why people keep diaries… but the thing about diaries is that sometimes people write things the way they want it remembered? But a post on the Internet is totally honest.  It’s like… raw.

I think i’m going to glance through the forum to see what other rubbish i wrote… it’s like… visiting yourself 9 years ago! It’s FWAH LAU man! Oh for any TJCians who might be reading this, here’s the site:


Azure just gave me the link of another ancient site.  *Sob*.  An Astro Club site that was done by my junior.  I’m so moved by all these sites i could cry… *Sob*

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