Read an article in Sunday Times’ “Reflect” column (29 Oct 2006) written by Cheong Suk-Wai today.  In it, she talked about a “erstwhile” love that has just re-entered her life 5 years after he walked out of it.  She wondered whether she ought to “reclaim the lost years”… and dwelled upon the cynical side of looking at it, as well as the concept of daring to live life to the full.

I guess falling in love is a process.  Each step that we take in the process opens us up to more pain, more hurts, but also possibly more joy.  Emotional baggage from failed relationships sometimes haunt us and prevent us from daring to “risk it all”.  I could almost define my life as pre-Sky & post-Sky.

I’ve always wondered whether it was worth putting your heart into a relationship, and then having it crushed when it doesn’t work out.  Why would anyone want to go to such extremes?  Why not just live life by yourself… sure, the excitement and joy that comes with singlehood may be moderate… but wouldn’t being moderately happy forever be better than being very happy while it lasts?

I think i’ve pretty much clammed myself up.  I reveal different degrees of myself to different people.  Heck.  I even have a few blogs running on the Internet though the rest are hidden from people who know me.  So being the onion i am, i guess it’s going to be very difficult for me to truly fall in love with anyone.

Reclaiming the lost years… that’s an interesting thought.

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