Cold Feet

Just suffered 2 severe cramps on my right foot… started with the 2nd toe on my right foot… the toe just sunk downwards and refused to move.  I grabbed the offending toe immediately to prevent it from “sinking lower into depression” but the pain just wouldn’t go away!  I was yelping like mad dog at my PC… and trying to type with my other hand to tell friends i was chatting with that i couldn’t type ‘cos my toe was in distress.

After about 15 mins, the darn pain went away and i thought all was well.  I went to the bathroom to wash up a bit and guess what?  The minute i stepped back into my bedroom, the arch of my right foot cramped!  It felt as though the entire arch was collapsing!  I bent over & clutched my foot immediately… and i don’t know that was a good move or not ‘cos while i managed to prevent the cramp from getting worse, i realised i could  not straighten myself or move in any way, or the cramp would be aggravated!!  And i was stuck in that bent over position for a whole 18 mins!  Till my left thigh got so sore from supporting my weight in that awkward position.  Argh.

My toenails had a bluish tinge to them ‘cos my foot was really cold.  I think that’s what caused the cramp – poor blood circulation -> cold foot -> crampy foot.  It was horrendous.  It’s been a long time since i got such a bad cramp… till i nearly forgot how it felt.  But the anguish… argh… and i’m pretty sure my pain threshold isn’t low.  I mean, try having your eyebrows embroidered w/o anesthesia… well, i didn’t feel a thing.  But this cramp?  Fwah lau.  Nearly took my life.

Sigh… i tried googling to see if there were any tips on how to prevent foot cramps… unfortunately, no.  Guess i just need to ensure that my feet are always warm so they don’t cramp.  Argh.  Horrid, horrid, horrid!

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November 2006