What Goes Round Comes Round

Sigh.  Now i understand why people say “old people sleep less”.  I don’t believe this.  I came home at 4am last night… probably slept close to 5am… and i’m awake at 8:26am this morning?  Make that WIDE awake & chatting with friends overseas.  Why with people overseas?  ‘Cos i don’t think anyone in Singapore on my contact list is awake so early on a Sat morning.  Damn it.  Another sign of aging.

BTW, a tornado’s expected to hit NY and the weather’s fine in London.  😉 

Was at Zouk last night.  Guess who was the first person i saw when i walked into the main dance hall?  Heh… i saw Iwok.  We looked at each other in disbelief.  He almost wanted to not even say hi and just walk off.  Now how rude is that right?  Of ‘cos i didn’t allow that to happen.  I told my friends to wait for me 1sec, and i said hi to Iwok.  Asked him how his target after me, Miss National Netballer was.  He looked at me quizzically and took like 10secs before he realised who i was talking about.  He said, “Realised she’s not the one for me”.  Ah… another failed operation.  Haha.  Sigh… when will guys learn that just ‘cos a gal chats with u, all she might want is to be friends?  Hmm…

Later on during the night… after everyone was loosened up by a superiorly old & pale Mr. Martell, my friend decided it was time to hit the dancefloor.  Guess who i saw then?  Haha… i saw Beefcake Banker!  Sheesh!  BB is someone i’ve “spoken” to online because of some ebay auction thingy… but yeah… like… how freaky is that right?  Haha. 

But i was kind.  I think BB sort of recognised me too… but i decided not to say hi.  I mean… i was really freaked out when someone identified me in the lineup outside St James last week.  Decided not inflict the same trauma on another poor unsuspecting chap.

Anyway, it was an interesting night.  Learnt something new too – i think!  Someone told me that seasoned drinkers don’t take gin tonic ‘cos it’s too dry and u won’t be able to last the night with it?  Can someone confirm this?  Hehe… i was surprised ‘cos i’ve always been drinking gin tonic to quench my thirst when i salsa!!  Strange…. hmm…

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