Salsa Clubs vs. Other Clubs

Noticed a distinct difference between going to a salsa club vs. going to any other clubs.  When i visit a salsa club, i’m pretty confident that there’ll always be someone i know there, regardless of whether it’s a weekday or weekend.  It’s like u can walk in and there’s bound to be someone u know that u can join and just chill out with.  (Of ‘cos, ‘can join’ and ‘want to join’ might be very different things.. hehe… like there’s always Uncle H or Uncle F around right?  Hahahaha.)

But going to a normal club is so much more troublesome!  If u go to a club, it’s best to have at least 4 people or so… if to a pub/bar, then 2 would suffice… and as a gal, u juz can’t walk in there alone.  Somehow, it just gives off all the wrong signals.  It’s as though u’re just asking to be picked up… even if u’re not.  It’s not that i’m afraid of being seen by myself in public – i do that often enough.  I eat/shop alone at times when i’m too lazy to meet up with friends.  But somehow… going to a nightspot alone?  Just doesn’t feel quite right.

Which makes things very sad… ‘cos what if i want to go to a certain club/bar/pub just to enjoy the music and my friends don’t?  Most people won’t party on a weekday night ‘cos of work the next day… but… i’m ok with it?  Heh… that’s what we do in salsa all the time, no?  I mean… it used to be like Mon at Brix, Wed at Xenbar, Thur at Union, Fri & Sat at Xen/Union/Harry’s?

Sigh.. different culture, different rules.

Anyone wanna go HRC on Thur?

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December 2006