No Complaints

Was at St James Power Station just now… bumped into an old JC schoolmate at Dragonfly, and then another one at Bellini room.  I haven’t seen the 2nd guy (let’s call him “03”) in the past 9 years – since leaving JC! 

03 used to be a middle distance runner in school.  We were from the same orientation group and boy was he good looking!  Sharp nose, high cheekbones, good complexion, tanned, nice floppy hair… i remember “bio-ing” him (checking him out) all the time. 

But when i saw him at the Bellini Room just now… i took 3… no… 4 takes before i recognised who he was.  He was seated near my kor (brother) and his friend… and i was talking to my kor when i saw this guy looking at me… so i turned to look at him… turned back to my kor, turned to look at him again, turned back to my kor… and i don’t know how many times i repeated that sequence before i suddenly realised i knew the guy.  Haha.  It was funny. 

03 asked how long has it been since we last saw each other… and i replied that the last time we met was in JC!  03 said that the only time we communicated over the past 9 years was on friendster.  Very true… but!!  03 looked so different in his friendster pics!  Haha… he looked good & THIN in his friendster pics… but seeing him in person… gosh!  He must have put on at least 10kg in the past 9 years!

My kor said that 03 kept checking me out the rest of the night (he changed seats to the one just on the left of my kor, facing us).  Well, what can i say?  I know i’ve been griping about losing the baby fat around my face ‘cos the baby fat made me look younger… but i guess, i have no complaints about how i look now.  Haha.  The years have been kind… very kind indeed.  Muahaha.  *Hysterical evil laughter*

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December 2006