Getting Old, Getting Real

Sigh… another new year, another year older.  I cannot help but admit that i’m getting old.  1 night of intense partying on Friday, and i’m knocked out on Saturday & Sunday. 

Read in the papers today about 5 current and former SIA stewardesses lamenting about how tough their job is – the multi-tasking needed (serving customers, cleaning up the plane & touching up makeup), the politics played (senior stewardesses getting to choose flight duties first), and all the hard work beneath the glamour, free travel, and good pay.

Hello!  Turn 2 pages of the papers and u’ll see another article about foreign workers in Singapore… and there was this particular one that caught my eye.  Hailing from Bangladesh, this guy has been working as a construction worker in Singapore for the past 10 years and was recently promoted to the position of site manager.  His boss was praising him for his serious attitude at work, sense of responsibility, and how he passed all the relevant safety exams, etc, when others flunked out.  This guy takes only 1 off day per month… and that is to go to Serangoon Road to remit money back to his elderly parents, wife and kid in Bangladesh.  Oh wait… i forgot to mention… he earns slightly over S$1000/month and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from back home.  (FYI, it only takes a couple of ‘O’ Level passes to be an SIA gal!)

Ms. former & current SIA gals… u want to complain about multi-tasking??  About how “tough” the job is?  About being bullied at work?  Get real man!  If Mr. Foreign Worker isn’t complaining, i really don’t see what you have to complain about.  Sheesh!

Shoot me that my job doesn’t require me to keep my nails painted red & eyeshadows blue man!  Duh!

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  1. 1 Iceman


    well said, well said…

  2. 2 katrine

    Well said! Kudos to you!

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