Walking to New York


曲:张蔚源 | 词:林秋离 | 编:吴庆隆  

每一次我想见到你  就要飞 (everytime i want to see u, i need to fly)

无论地球上哪一角 (no matter which corner of the Earth)

我一天就到 (i reach in 1 day)

用飞的原因不外乎 (the reason to fly includes)

时间太少 (time is too little)

你想拥有我每一秒 (u want every second of me)

你今天就要 (and u want me today)

我飞的机会太多 (there’re too many opportunities to fly)

有时因为你 (sometimes it’s because of u)

有时为自己 (sometimes it’s for myself)

我飞过好万哩 (i’ve flown many miles)

不觉得 那会是距离 (but don’t feel that’s a real distance)

突然很想不要飞 (suddenly don’t feel like flying)

想走路去纽约 (feel like walking to New York)

看看这一路我曾经忽略的一切 (to see what i’ve missed on this route)

走路去纽约 (walking to New York) 

也让感情在时间里 (perhaps to giving my feelings time) 

有机会 沉淀自己 (to have the opportunity to calm and settle down myself)

Met Iwok for coffee at Eastpoint just now.  Declined a ride home ‘cos i felt like walking back (wanted to sun my legs, haha).  It must’ve been a few years since i’ve actually taken a stroll home from Eastpoint.  Ever since i got my car, i’ve always just driven back.  Was just too lazy to walk, weather was too hot, too tired, etc.

It was nice to take a stroll back… there’re always new things happening in the neighbourhood that i missed because i was zipping around too quickly.  Unfortunately, that happens in life too ya?  Being overly cynical, i’ve made negative assumptions of people i meet, and ended up squandering opportunities to know the person better.  I’ve had two lucky coincidences… hopefully i’ll have a 3rd… where i don’t screw up, and he’s not sleepy. 

Walking to New York.

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