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Time passes too fast man… which is good, and bad.  Good ‘cos the horrible meeting (which turned out as to be every bit as horrible as i anticipated) is over.  Yeap.  The deal may be off too.  Sigh… French underwriter decided he was insulted by the client’s New Yorker lawyer and now wants to let his French lawyer handle the amendments to the policy wording.  The meeting was a non-meeting really ‘cos the u/wer basically just came to my office to drink our coffee & tell me that he wasn’t going to look at the policy wording anymore.  Then he & his colleague (who happened to be the chap who interviewed me at Cofrance – wait, did i mention before that he’s kinda cute?) left.  Yeap.  Just leave.  Go ahead.  Everyone must be learning from the Thai soccer team… buay song just leave lor!  Walk away man!  😛

The bad part about the week whizzing past (ok, i know it’s only Tue but Fri will be here in a blink of an eye lor!) is that soon it’ll be Friday and i just KNOW that i’ll be MM-ing in hope of being in the same place as the MX-5.  Sigh.

But let’s not fast forward that much ya?  There’s still Thursday to get over… haven’t had time to memorise what i need to regurgitate (in a most natural manner of ‘cos) for the talk i’m supposed to give on Thursday morning.  Bleah.  But then again, there’s that partial test-drive of the RX-8 on Thursday night to look forward too.  Hehe.

I’m really pressing all the buttons on the remote man… except the rewind button.  But then again, if there were a rewind button, i would have rewound to the time before i crashed the MX-5.  Sigh.

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