11 Year Old Promise

Excerpt from a conversation on MSN on Friday,

Iceman: So do you want things to come to fruition?

Me: I don’t know man.  I’m in my brother-brother mode again hor?


Finally!  I finally made it to JB to visit Iceman’s home.  It was funny.  Was great to finally see Iceman’s family.  Heh.  We had dimsum for breakfast and… er.. a coconut/drink break before coming back to Singapore with Iceman in tow.  Went to the new Blooie’s in the eggless estate for lunch and Mr. Abandoned join us. 

Iceman and Mr. Abandoned went to the driving range after lunch, while RX8 joined his ex-boss and others at Dempsey for drinks, and i headed home to zzz. 

Met Iceman and RX8 for dinner after which RX8 went home to sort out his darn plants & broken pump for his mini-pond while Iceman & i went to Balaclava for a short while, and then to Eng Wah to watch Ghostrider.


I decided to let the brother-brother mode came down for a short while… but it didn’t seem to be a very good idea.  So… brother-brother mode is back up.  It’s strange to dream of MX5s while checking out the RX8.

Oh and btw, my dad just bought the new Passat 2.0 turbo.

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  1. 1 Iceman

    Heh…thanks for visiting. Really appreciate it.

  2. 2 uptowngal

    the angpow could’ve been better though. (or so says RX8) 😛

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