CNY Spoils

Finally got down to counting my CNY spoils… heehee… got SGD 378 & Ringgit 21 this year.  Yippee.  Heehee. 

Tomorrow is the last day of CNY.  Don’t usually make new year resolutions of any sort but i shall strive to take better charge of my finances this year.  Not that i overspend… but i’m just too absent-minded when it comes to money matters.  Forgot to pay my credit card bills twice last year (yes, it was splashed all over this blog), and last month, i got so paranoid about not forgetting to pay… i paid twice.  Sigh. 

Worse thing is, i didn’t realise i paid twice till like a few days ago?  Called UOB to get them use the “credit” in my Ladies’ Card to pay off the outstanding balance on my other 2 cards (yes, i know i said i was going to cancel my other 2 cards but… argh… i’m just really bad at this sort of administrative stuff.  Bleah!) but there was still leftover credit.  Sigh.  The lady i spoke to asked me what i wanted to do with the extra $100+ credit… i said never mind.  Leave it.  Will just spend more $$ this month.  Hahaha.

Bought my parents, 1 aunt, and 1 cousin lunch today.  We were talking about credit cards and i told them how absent-minded i am.  My mom and my cousin said i should have called UOB to get them to waive the late charges ‘cos i forgot to pay… yes, i know everyone’s been telling that… but… somehow i feel it’s my fault lah… so i feel er, bad (?) to call up and make noise?  Sigh.  That’s just me.

Gotta call UOB again this week… ‘cos i forgot to redeem my UOB e-Uni points… and i have quite a bit of points this time ‘cos i charged the 5k i paid for my invisaligners to my card.  It’s stupid lor.  I purposely charged the 5k to my card so that i can get more e-Unis… then i had to go & forget to redeem the points.  DUH…. *slaps forehead*. 

Wait a min… was supposed to talk about CNY spoils in this post… why am i talking about credit card stuff uh?  Damnit… forgot lah…

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