Hou Hou Hou Happy

I had a happy Monday… which was rather unexpected ‘cos i thought i would have a “long weekend” hangover. Had my first dose of hou happiness during coffee break with HD in the morning, then met Green Apple for lunch for a booster hou happy dose… and finally… heeheehee… the last hou happy dose… which was the most over-powering dose of all… wahahaha…

Bumped into a friend of my colleague WC, who also happens to be part of AKKK’s balaclava cheonging gang at the lobby of my office building when i was on my way back after coffee break with HD. This chap, let’s call him ONSer, works on the 39th floor of my office building. Seeing him looking at me, i turned and waved at him and didn’t think much about it after that.

Lately on in the afternoon, WC said that ONSer messaged her on MSN and said he saw me that morning. Apparently, he colleagues were checking me out when i turned and waved at him and his colleagues said, “What? You know her?”. Then they (i quote) “sighed with envy”. ONSer told WC to tell me that i have a “fan base” in the building.

Hiak hiak… so my head’s like bigger than my curls now. Hahahaha. But it made my day. Hehe. ONSer got my MSN contact from WC and he was the first person to message me when i logged on this morning. Heehee… wonder if he knows how bad his rep is… which in case u haven’t figured out, ONSer = One Night Stander… 😛

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