Lazy Saturday

Today is my blogging day.  It’s the kind of day when i just want to stay home, sort out my thoughts, and pen down stuff that happened over the past week… though i do realise that despite my “busy-ness”, i managed to blog everyday during the past week!  *Pats self on back*.

Perhaps it’s ‘cos i’ve worked late most days and hence i didn’t really go out much… so had time to come home and blah all the stuff i wanted to say online.

It’s been a busy week.. but a happy week, career wise.  As Iceman said, this is really quite a dream job of sorts for me… heh… no complaints really.  🙂  (If only my would boss agree to help me get season parking.  I mean, after all the times i helped him fix his stupid laptop, u would think he would not say he was being biased if he helped me lor!  :P)

So here i am… cup of Vietnamese coffee next to me, Hilda on my lap, trying to verbalise my rambling thoughts.  Had an intense craving to “drink to my heart’s content” last night but it didn’t really happen.  Think i ate too much during the day – coffees, curry puff, kuehs, nasi padang…. didn’t have much space left in my stomach.  Yeah… nowadays, i drink better on an empty stomach.  Haha.

I’ve been told a couple of things (about me) recently:

  1. I MM too much.
  2. I am overly defensive in the way i communicate with someone in particular
  3. I need to make sure that i’m not taken as a companion of convenience.
  4. I need to know what i want.

Thinking through all that has been said, i know the first 2 points are very true.  Sigh.  As for the 3rd point… hmm… i don’t think so lah.  A friend of convenience would not change his plans to accomodate the “convenient” person right?  ‘Cos that just would not be very convenient indeed.  Heh.  As for the last point… well, i still don’t know.

Regardless (please don’t EVER use IRregardless), that’s all 10 days old stuff.  We shall see what happens… 11:55pm tonight onwards.

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