Fear of the Unknown

I have a fear of the unknown.  Not for things that go bump in the night (i would bump them off!), but fear of holding any expectations of a person because the more hope you invest, the more you risk.

A few people asked me recently if i was worried that he might be seeing some other girl.  My answer is no.  If anything, i’m the one who might see other people.  The issue i see however, is that a guy approaching 29 might want to go full speed on his career ‘cos guys in their 30s can easily get a younger gal. 

However, a gal at 28 tends to be hesitant about committing to a person ‘cos gals in their 30s aren’t exactly high in demand so u wouldn’t want to make a mistake in your choice of a guy.  If you notice, gals in their 30s usually end up with guys who are way older… ‘cos the attraction of a gal in her 30s is her maturity and perhaps career stability.

And that’s life i suppose.

Saw an ex-bf give out wedding invitations today.  Seems like almost all our peers are invited – except me.  It was surreal the way everyone was holding an invitation card and talking about it… and i was just there… invisible?  Kind of expected it since i was the ousted party.  It’s sad when u want to wish a friend well… but circumstances dictate otherwise.

And people wonder why i invest my time and effort in techie gadgets.  At least the tech specs are made known to the public.

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