This blog is reaching 2 years old.  Lots of tears, hurts, joy, laughter, and painful lessons have been recorded here. 

Was a rainy morning i woke up to.  6:55am.  I tried to go back to sleep but my thoughts were too loud to ignore.  Hilda was comforting to hug but then i remembered that she’s borrowed comfort.

Felt an incredible urge to talk to Superman.  Was going to send him an sms to see if he was available to chat ‘cos i knew he would be in office at the time (Seattle is 15 hrs behind Singapore).  Then i saw a msn chat flashing on my taskbar.  Message from Superman.  (And u wonder why i call him Superman!)

Short chat.  Told Superman that i couldn’t control not contacting HD anymore.  I think even if i’m been red-carded, i need to know why.  So i didn’t cash in when the stock was high… now that it’s crashed, i would like to know the answer?  I don’t want to hold onto a worthless piece of paper and draw empty comfort.

Superman said that if i could deal with things now, then i should go ahead.  He didn’t have to say much i guess… i just needed someone to listen to what i wanted to say.  That was enough. 

Sms’d Iceman who was on the way to play golf.  Found out in our short chat that HD was supposed to go to the course with them today but backed out last minute saying that work came in from the US and he had to go to the office.  We have our doubts.  He works from a laptop and his 2 admin gals aren’t in office today.  EVEN if he had to work, it would be from home.

Mr. Abandoned suggested to Iceman that perhaps it was ‘cos of me but Iceman… well, basically told him to shut up this time.  (Way to go Sayang!)  Yeah, pre-US trip, i may have been the cause… post-US?  Nay…

Some have told me that i shouldn’t jump to conclusions but no matter how busy we were in the past, we would still meet up, even if just for 15min.  Just for a short chat.  Those were the so called “hou happy times”.

Sent an sms to HD to see if he’s awake.  He hasn’t answered.  I will ask my questions this time. 

I feel more at peace already.

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