VIP Pass Expired

I guess my VIP Pass expired.  Supposed to meet HD at Rail Mall at 6ish later… and he said “but it’s damn far for you”.  Wow.  After ALL our film ed nites at birdland, Rail Mall is too far now?  Since when did we go back to all this courteous small talk?

Never really spoke to anyone from church about HD and me… whatever they know, would be whatever they read from this blog.  Which really contains snippets of what has transpired and not the full details.  Sigh.  Finally decided to tell Chewbacca about it.  Chewbacca is good ‘cos he’s such a nice person and he always helps me put things into perspective. 

Chewbacca asked if there was really something going on between us… or was it just my perception.  Without me listing all my “members’ privileges” here, i can only say that it’s definitely not my own perception.  Anyhow, the conclusion i got from our sms conversation is that i should have spoken to HD about us much earlier.  Since nothing was ever verbalised, who can fault the other?

Sad truth huh?  It’s like having your season parking lot taken away from you ‘cos management decided not to let you renew it and next thing you know, your car’s out on the road.

Choice was mine, consequences are mine too.  The reason why i did not want to talk about the issue earlier was ‘cos i was afraid it was premature to talk about things and i would put too much pressure on it and ruin everything.  Now, i guess all the steam’s lost.

Hope HD doesn’t back out of meeting up.  Sorry, let me re-phrase that.  I hope the rx8 doesn’t decide to back out.

And don’t call me CG anymore.  That name only comes with the holder of a VIP Pass.


Oops… just realised i never explained what “VIP Pass” means.  Well, Iceman would know about this best.  Once, after golf or tennis i don’t remember but Iceman and Mr. Abandoned adjourned to HD’s place for fruits after dinner.  They started hanging around and nua-ing and HD completely ignored them and started doing his own stuff.

Next thing i knew, i got an sms from HD saying “get the hint!” ‘cos he was giving them a black face and ignoring them totally but they were not budging.

I then asked HD what would he do if i were to overstay my welcome one day.  He said he would never throw me out of birdland and even if he wanted to, he would have to sms me, to tell me to get out.  Sigh.  Yeap.  That was my VIP PasT.

But all good things must come to an end.

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