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Today was a tough day for me.  Some habits are hard to break.  The toughest time of the day was about 3pm+… when i yearned to meet HD for a fruit juice break.  Actually, even tougher than getting through the afternoon teabreak time, is to admit that i had a tough time.  Because i am a proud person.  I don’t like to admit vulnerability.  I don’t like to appear weak. 

But i got through today.  I went down to buy my usual orange+carrot juice, just like i used to do before i got to know HD.  It’s ok.  Things will only get better. 

About 6pm, i managed to activate a group of colleagues to go for drinks at Eon Canteen… and the group grew… there were like 12 of us at one time and we had a real good time just chatting, talking cock, and enjoying our drinks.  Would have drunk more but my colleagues decided it was time to leave about 10:15pm.  I had 3 gin tonics and 1 hoegarden – barely enough to quench my thirst.  Strangely, nowadays i drink better on an empty stomach.  I was most touched when the 2 colleagues that i drink with regularly, WC and YL lent me their ears (even though it was just a quick sharing of woes), and drank with me.  Cheers gals! 

During our drinking session, someone mentioned that i’m getting more and more similar to my boss.  Actually i’ve noticed that for some time… and because of that, i know if i apply myself and am serious in my work, this job will offer me a lot of opportunities career-wise.  My big boss told me that i’ll need  to grease the PR machine when i’m in Manila later this month… and i will.  Don’t ask me why but i’m always at my most PR when i’m feeling shitty inside.  Hah.

This year, i bought the N95 as my own birthday present.  I admit, i am disappointed ‘cos HD said b4 that he was going to celebrate my birthday with me this year.  But it’s ok.  I won’t go subterranean.

In fact, i have ambitious plans.  This time next year, i want to repeat the same percentage increase in my pay, as well as garner a promotion, and i shall buy myself a new car!

So that’s the plan.  Ambitious, but achievable.  A new girl joined our company today.  She’s tall, very slim, and has long wavy hair too.  A colleague of mine remarked, “Competition!”.  Haha.  My response was, “If you don’t compare, you won’t know what’s good.”

There.  I’ve said it all out.  Hence i will do it.

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