"Mountain Tortoise"

No, am not referring to the terrapins i saw at the Botanical Gardens.  Was referring to myself.  Sigh… “sua gu” old me has not been to the Botanical Gdns since my first trip in secondary school.  The place is really beautiful now… and i shan’t bother to go into details since i’m probably the only person in Singapore who hasn’t been there in years.

Had coffee & a bit of makan there with NTU dear just now, then took a short walk since the weather was fantastic today.  Took a drive aruond Dempsey area too… love it.  Such an un-Singapore place.  🙂

During our chat just now, NTU dear asked why i said i feel like i’m old.  He says 28 is a perfectly ok age to be single.  So i thought i better qualify my statement here.  I don’t feel old as in “time is running out” old… but i do feel that i’ve played enough, had enough of drama mama times, and it’s time to have some roots in my life.

The rolling stone finally gathers moss?

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  1. 1 bfk

    did you eat at the outdoor cafe at botanical gardens? Nice place to sit and chat huh? 🙂 Once sat there with some friends from breakfast all the way to past lunch.. hehe

    and ‘sua ku’ me also just visited the Dempsey Rd area for the first time a few weeks back too – for dessert at PS cafe. Quite a nice place… let’s go back some time! 16 May perhaps? =)

  2. 2 UptownGal

    I WANT TO GO PS CAFE! YES YES YES! NTU Dear gave me both the cafe’s tel, as well as the manager’s hp to call for reservations!

    Hey, maybe we SHLD go there for my birthday! OK! I will moot the idea with the Complain Grp. Woohoo!

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