Female Privileges

Yesterday, i got a call from my client…

Client: Xiao Jie, your spreadsheet got mistake uh. Thanks for saving me some premium leh.

Me: Huh? Really? Where? I’ll go double-check…

Client: Yeah, u go check the first line of your spreadsheet. Cannot see the mistake then i take it as i save money on premium.

I checked and i checked. But i still couldn’t see what was wrong! At first i thought my cell formula was wrong.. but it wasn’t! In the end, desperate, i called my client back.

Client: Let’s see… u saved me $600+… not bad… i can go buy a N95.

Me: Er, sorry lah. Tell me what’s wrong leh… sorry lah… don’t sabo leh.

Client: If i wanted to sabo u, i would’ve sent the email to your boss ok. I wouldn’t have told u only about the mistake right?

Me: I know i know. Sorry lah… but… really can’t find the mistake leh. Can u tell me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Client: Sigh. Look at your first row first column.

Me: *GASP* The date! I keyed in the wrong date! Argh… sooo sorry. I’ll re-do and send the spreadsheet to u again k?

And so i did. Sent the amended spreadsheet to my client, and apologised profusely again in my email.

Told Iceman & Zounds about it and they both said i’m lucky i’m a gal. ‘Cos if i were a guy, my client would probably have gone straight to my boss. Heh.

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