Control Freak


Argh!  I’m STILL pissed off about the state of my hair.  Hair is something that i’ve been obsessive compulsive about since young.  If it takes me 30x to tie my hair before it turns out the way i want it to look, i will do it.  Now i want nice curls AND nice hair colour and i want it by the time my birthday swings by in 2 days’ time.  If my current hairstylist, Yuki, can’t give me a solution by Mon night, then i’m moving on to another stylist.  I’ve taken leave from work on my birthday anyway.  If i need to spend the entire day in a hair salon to get the look i want, i will.  When it comes to my hair, money is so NOT an issue.  And you can bet my current stylist will be losing a “big account” if i decide to dump her!

Was feeling kind of down over the weekend.  So i was moping over HD.  But now, i’m just pissed.  Maybe i should be evil and spill the beans on all the mean things he has said about his best friend… or perhaps on the reputation damning things he has done before… hmmm…

Don’t understand why i was so hung up over him anyway.  *Rolls eyes*.  People who say they will celebrate my birthday and do not keep their word will not be so easily forgiven.  Yeap.  Never piss me off. 

Pui to Yuki, pui to HD, and if that stupid XLN says something hypocritcal to me in office again (like saying she likes my curls AFTER they’ve disappeared ‘cos of the stupid colouring), i’ll give her a slap on her stupid face.

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