pandang belakang

met HD for lunch today. he sms’d about 9:30am in the morning to say that it was my birthday week and “lunch please”.

i replied to say let’s meet today since Bubbs had a lunch appointment already and so we did.  said he hasn’t gotten me a present and i said it’s ok ‘cos he had 2 hrs from morning till lunch to get something.  then he said he didn’t have time and i would’ve let the issue drop but he brought it up during lunch again.  said he saw this nice jabra bluetooth earpiece with interchangeable colours that he wanted to get for me.  so i said he has the whole of next week since i’ll be in Manila.

i really don’t think he means to get me anything… at least not now.  but i didn’t like the way he tried to “action action” that’s why i thanked him in advance for the gift. :p some people ought to be taught a lesson.

went to this japanese restaurant at boat quay for lunch.  was pleasantly surprised we both thought of the same place, though he doesn’t know it… but then again, the food was disappointing.  bleah.

sometimes i wonder why i even bother with HD.  his behaviour and the things he say are highly questionable at times but somehow… just ‘cos he’s usually open and frank with me, i’m more than willing to overlook his flaws.  sigh.

will not pandang belakang.

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