Cheers without Fears

Had a department dinner/drinks thingy after work today.  Main purpose was to welcome the new girl in my office, Miss “Never Reached My Limit Before”, since the the last time the dept went to Eon Canteen, i was on MC and so it wasn’t full attendance.

There was a huge turnout at canteen today ‘cos the people on the 25th floor were celebrating the Eon Reinsurance director’s birthday and an ex-Eonian’s (whose husband is still with our IT dept) birthday.  As usual, lots of drinks went round and next thing i knew, i walked into the toilet to find the ex-Eonian dead drunk.  She was passed out on the floor next to the toilet bowl.  In fact, her head was hidden behind the toilet bowl when i saw her.  Thoroughly unglam.  Some of the other girls were trying to get her to sober up and at least come out of the toilet but she was soooo dead drunk she couldn’t even stand up.

Despite all our efforts – there were 5 of us – we only managed to haul her out of the cubicle and placed her across 2 plastic chairs in the toilet.  This is the first time i’ve experienced someone so drunk that the person is (as in Iceman’s words) dead weight.  We had to call her husband to leave his night class early to come and get her – literally.  He had to come into the toilet and carry her out and another girl arranged for her husband to send them home.  Sigh.

I really don’t understand why someone would drink till they’re so drunk.  I can’t imagine the massive hangover she’s going to have tomorrow.  Why ruin your weekend like that?  As with this other new chap who got drunk last Wed (as in on the eve of Vesak Day)… he totally could not remember who was drinking with him and how he got home.  The worst thing was, his boss (who is also the Ji  Ko Pek no. 3 in the company) and the ah-beng from his dept abandoned him at Balaclava and walked away saying they didn’t know him!  Once again, it was left to the girls i hang out with (this was the day i was on MC) to take care of him.

How gone was he? 

1) He fell asleep on the sofa at Balaclava and tumbled off.

2) When WC gave him water to drink, he poured the water over himself instead.  Warm water…

3) The ah-beng gave him a cigarette to smoke and he fell asleep smoking, and dropped the ciggie!  Luckily the ciggie fell on the floor and didn’t burn a hole on the sofa or his clothes or something.  (Actually i say serve him right if the ciggie burnt him!)

4) He couldn’t even give his full address when 2 girls decided to send him home.  The girls had to hunt the entire neighbourhood to find his block.

5) Whilst in the cab on the way home, he couldn’t sit properly on the seat and the 2 girls had to haul him up everytime he slid off. 

6) After finding his place finally, the 2 girls had to support him (he couldn’t walk properly) to his flat… they had to walk down 2 levels of stairs ‘cos the lift didn’t stop on his floor.

I don’t know why the girls bothered man.  But it’s comforting to know that should i ever get dead drunk, i know i can count on the girls to take care of me.  The sense of camaraderie is great… though i wouldn’t have bothered with the stupid new chap who was so drunk.  Had i been there that night, he would have spent the night on the floor at Balaclava.

What i don’t agree with most is when these drunkards say that someone got them drunk.  ‘Cos no one can get you drunk except yourself.  People should take responsibility for their actions!

Anyway, there’s a good chance that the new chap may be spending one night next week on the floor of some pub.  ‘Cos he was such an ingrate – had to be scolded before he came to return the cab fare to the girl who sent him back, and when someone told him that he should buy all the girls lunch  for taking care of him at Balaclava, he only offered to treat the girl who sent him home, but specified in his email “limited budget hor”.  How crap is that man!?!  And the thing that takes the cake?  He had the audacity to say that he heard that Eon girls drink very well and he wants to drink with us!

Some people just don’t learn their lesson i guess.  Heh.  Half the company’s after his blood now ‘cos word got round (we have an excellent grapevine infrastructure in the company) and everyone’s determined to teach this new chap a lesson (me included).  Oh… there’s 1 part of the story that i forgot to mention… while searching for his wallet to find his NRIC to get his full address, the girls found a bible in his bag.  🙁  Doesn’t do much good for the reputation of Christians in my office with very few believers.  Sigh!

Back to Miss “Never Reached My Limit Before” – we managed to get her to drink about 3 glasses of beer and 1 gin tonic but that’s all.  She escaped before we could test her limits further.

Anyhow, to wrap the post up, here’s a really gross photo of my toe… my shoe slipped on the edge of a step and my toe hit the ground… cracked the upper corner of my left big toenail and bled all the way to supper.  Didn’t realise my toe was bleeding at first… till my shoe got sticky with the blood.  But i didn’t want to kick up a fuss so i continued walking… and bleeding.  You know, if i pass out tomorrow, that’s ‘cos i lost too much blood, what with my bleeding nose (had fever last week which led to a very bad sore throat, which led to ear infection and nose bleeds), bleeding pimple, and now bleeding toe.  Sigh.

Ok, Iceman, if i kick the bucket, you can have my N95.  Azure has first charge over my new lappy (which i’m typing this on while i relax in bed), but my mom’s going to take my coach bag ok?

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  1. 1 k

    i said it on MSN and will say it again (about ur toe)… Ewww ouch! every time I see the photo i cringe and my toes curl in 😛

    and if your mom gets the coach bag… can i have the cute evening clutch bag (it’s white and matches the laptop right? haha!)

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