NDP 2007

Caught a glimpse of the lights and display of this year’s NDP when i was stuck on the ECP last week.  The brillant purple lights against the waterfront looked beautiful.  I think this year’s NDP will be really terrific ‘cos of the waterfront backdrop. 

This year’s NDP song has been playing on the big screen at Raffles Place everyday.  The song is growing on me… the more i listen to it, the more i like the tune.  Which is good i suppose… better than songs that jump out at u when u first hear it, but then get boring just as quick.

Read the lyrics again and i realised that the lyrics aren’t as fluffy as i thought they were at first.  I mean… at first i thought it was nice to have all those famous sights mentioned in the song.  But reflecting on it, i realised it’s very appropriate to have this song in 2007 as more and more Singaporeans have gone abroad to work but no matter where they are scattered, i believe to them, Singapore will always remain their first and dearest home.

I do hope to get the opportunity to work overseas.  Not something impossible… if i’m willing to relocate in the 3rd world country i suppose (that’s where political risks are right?  Haha).  But even if i should work overseas, i will never want to migrate for good.  I will still want to come back to Singapore.  Yup.  There’s indeed no place i’d rather be.

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