A Simple Meal

I had a simple meal at the corner coffeeshop near church today.  It’s been a long time since i ate there.  The cellgroup wanted to go to Cityhall for lunch… actually only Acorn wanted to and the rest were tagging along but i didn’t want to drive all the way to Cityhall, to do nothing (at least i had nothing to do there), then drive all the way home to change and then back to Fullerton for Whiskeysprite’s wedding.  Waste petrol, waste $$ on parking.

So i went to the coffeeshop to makan alone.  Had my fave bee tai mak (Hokkien?) aka lou xu fan (Cantonese) dry with black sauce & chilli.  Yummy.  And only $2!  Incredible.  It’s been a long time since i had a bowl of noodles that only cost $2!!  The lemon tea has increased in price though… from 80cts to $1!  That’s like half the price of my noodles lor.  Bleah.

After i finished my noodles, i got 2 smses – from Little Matchgal & Chewbacca saying that the cellgroup was going to Siglap Thai Express for lunch.  My reply was too late liao lah.  I already finished my lunch.  Chewbacca asked why i didn’t want to join the cellgroup… and i called to explain why i didn’t want to go to town and back to the east and to town again.

Plus, i’m not the type who’ll insist that the majority does what i want to do.  To me, on days that i don’t mind doing what someone else wants to do, e.g. last week when we all went to Parkway ‘cos Acorn wanted to wash his car, i will.  But when i have other plans in mind, i won’t influence the group to do what i want either… i operate on a “do what u want” basis.  So yeah… that’s me.  Some people may interpret this is being offensive?  Loner?  I don’t think so lah.  Just that time is precious and no point wasting time doing things that u don’t want to do.

Took a pic of my simple lunch.  Feels good to see that what i used to eat at the coffeeshop 15 years ago is still around.  Haha.  Same auntie cooking the same good noodles. 

Okie… time to do a face mask before going for Whiskeysprite’s wedding.  I’m still trying to figure if there’s any way i could catch the start and end of today’s F1 race at Silverstone… hmm…

Go Hammie go!

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