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It was VERY TEDIOUS… took me a few hours to upload, sort and put in the captions.  So u must forgive the uncreative captions.  Proudly presenting… my HK photos!  (Picked from 773 shots from my digicam, 153 shots using my hp, and a few cute shots from Iceman’s digicam!)




For the sake of good order, i decided to include a list of must-see, must-eat places in this post.  So that next time when i visit HK again, i’ll be able to find this precious list of things to do in HK.  🙂


Wonder why this ranks top of my list…

  1. Che’s Restaurant (Wanchai MTR, The Broadway 4/F) – selection isn’t wide but the standard of dimsum is one of the best u’ll ever find!  Must trys are the egg tart, fried char siew pau (the mix of the creamy & salty butter versus the sweet & succulent char siew… oohlala!)
  2. Kam Moon Kok Restaurant (Jordan MTR, opposite BP International House) – true blue HK 茶餐厅.  After u’ve had the real thing, places like Hongkong Cafe in Singapore sucks big time man!  The must trys here are the western toast (french toast with peanut butter inside!!), spicy pork cubes noodles (the wu xiang rou ding mian), and the beef brisket soup noodles.  Never tasted such delicious spicy pork cubes & lean beef brisket before!
  3. Traditional Noodle House (TST area) – the ma la mian there is good.  Wide variety of noodles at cheap prices!
  4. Maxim (Mei Xin) Dimsum (Cityhall) – Very good selection of dimsum… some dishes were better than the others but it’s a must try!  I also lurrrve their mooncakes.  Always buy at least 2 boxes back.  Check out http://www.mei-xin.com.hk/



  1. Island Beverly (Causeway Bay MTR) – 4 floors of cool evening dresses, funky fashion, cool accessories, jewellery, etc.
  2. Tsim Sha Tsui (TST MTR to Jordan MTR) – shop along the entire Nathan Road and check out all the little streets branching out from it!
  3. Parklane Shopping Centre (TST MTR) – Esprit, G2000, Geox, Bossini, Adidas.
  4. Times Square (Causeway Bay MTR) – 13 floors of shops and food.  Really cute items too!  (Like the animal TVs, banana protective case in the slideshow above.  Hehe).
  5. H&M (Queen’s Central Road, Central MTR) – really cheap clothes.  Love the jeans, suits & accessories!
  6. Citygate Mall (Tung Chung MTR) – Lots of factory outlets (Adidas, Nike, Bodyshop, Esprit, etc)… but the prices are not necessarily cheaper…
  7. SOGO (Causeway Bay MTR) – right next to Island Beverly.  This place is packed ALL THE TIME!  Rain or shine, weekday or weekend.  The locals (and tourists) love it!
  8. Esprit Factory Outlet (Kam Sang Commercial Centre, near or on Hankow Road, Central MTR)
  9. Tons more lah… but these were the places i went during this trip.. and the first 5 are my favourite haunts.  🙂



  1. Stanley (take bus 66, 6A, 6X, 260 from the bus terminus at Central MTR) – beachy place, very relaxing, great for photo taking.
  2. The Peak (take a tram from the Lower Peak Tram Station, which is a 10 min walk from Central MTR) – I’ve always known the Peak as “Victoria Peak”.  But on my latest trip to HK, i realised it’s no longer referred to as “Victoria Peak” but just “The Peak”.  The night view is great… but i got the chance to go to the Peak during the day this time and the cool weather makes it a wonderful place for walks and treks.
  3. Lantau Island (take MTR to Tung Chung MTR & take a bus from there.  Forgot what bus no.!  Sorry!) –  A lot of nice outdoorsy area to explore.  I wouldn’t recommend Disneyland… but do check out the Big Buddha and Tai-O (i didn’t get to go this trip… but i will on my next!).
  4. Avenue of the Stars (TST MTR) – pure touristy place. 
  5. There’re a couple of other islands that i want to visit… slowly… heh.  🙂
  6. U can also take a 1-hr ride by jetfoil to Macau from Shun Tak Centre.  For more details, check out http://www.turbojet.com.hk/index.htm.

OK… that’s what i recall from memory so far.  Think i shall keep my map safely in my drawer… though it’s quite tattered now.  Haha.  Tatteren and torn… but hey, all the above treasures are marked out on it man!  🙂

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  1. 1 k

    wow that’s a lot of photos! Got tired just looking at the ones you selected! hahaa 🙂 but some really nice shots you got there

  2. 2 uptowngal

    did u see the pic of the toilet in Sheraton? damn impressive man! each cubicle had a sink inside lor! fwah lau!

  3. 3 k

    i went to that toliet too during my recent trip!! Hehee.. was looking for the Esprit outlet store at TST and stopped for a toilet break 🙂

  4. 4 UptownGal

    Che’s Add: 4/F, The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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