881 Going to the Oscars?

Read in the papers that the movie 881 has been selected as Singapore’s nomination for Best Foreign Film category.  I’m so happy.  Really love the movie.  Although the subject matter is something that is very local and foreign audiences may not be able to appreciate it, i hope they’ll be able to connect to the very simple storyline of friendship & love admist the colourful ‘geitai’ setting.  The movie has its cheesy moments… but i think that adds a fun element to it.  Way to go 881!  881 yo ah yo ah yo!

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  1. 1 Iceman

    Yup, totally agree with you. Justified choice, told my colleagues abt it and they are all excited too and hoping it will win though I think being nominated in itself would be a great achievement.

  2. 2 uptowngal

    Yeah, given how biased the west can be towards Asian films, and how xenophobic they may be to cultures unfamiliar to them, if this film could even be a contender, that would be more than enough.

    Hmm… i just sent Iceboy a offline MSN msg to say that i’ve not heard from you since 7+ this evening and he should check it out in case you died of dehydration / exhaustion / heat stroke in your room.

    Hope i followed your last instructions well sayang. 😛

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